Free Meditation: Finding a Place Beyond Ordinary Happiness and Suffering

Go beyond ordinary happinessHi There,

Often in our daily life we can find ourself completely caught up in the ups and downs of the happiness and suffering, pleasure and pain, good fortune and misfortune that we experience in our daily life. The six minute meditation below helps us to access an inner space where we can connect to a deeper sense of self that remains stable and content amidst the changing ups and downs of our life.

Try listening to it once a day for a week and see where the experience takes you!

You can also use the picture on this blog post as a visual reminder during the day.

Right click on the text below to open and play on the web, or to download to your computer:

Going beyond ordinary happiness and suffering

You can read my article relating to this topic on my meditation blog here: Using your misfortune to enhance and transcend your experience of good fortune 

Yours in the spirit of a deeper sense of self,


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