The Path of Mindful Thriving for Leadership Teams

Overview of the program

This is a nine-module mindfulness program designed to empower individuals and teams who are already high performing to be inspired to stay the best and become even better in the medium and long term, not just the short term. By thriving we mean not only in the domains of business, but also in relationships, personal happiness and in the sense of living meaningfully. We will also be looking at how these are inter-dependent and complementary, rather than being mutually exclusive. The program includes two types of mindfulness practices:

  • Intra-personal practices to work on your inner self-knowledge and resilience
  • Inter-personal and inter-relational practices to improve team, group and customer interaction

The elements of each module

Each module includes:

  • A clear knowledge gain around a particular domain of mindful thriving
  • Methods for individual mindfulness practice, both in terms of formal exercises and everyday informal application
  • Ways to apply the personal practices to groups and teams

Integration tools

Each module includes

  • A mind-map summary of areas covered
  • Recordings of the mindfulness & meditation exercises covered for personal practice
  • Articles for further reading
  • Community integration  

Mindful Thriving Program Structure

INTRODUCTORY SESSION – Setting the Foundation: The principles and practice of mindfulness as a high-performance enabler, and setting the agenda for future success using this course 

SECTION 1 – ‘ME’ Leading with our inner compass (thriving intra-personally)

Module 1: How to ‘BE’: Self-leadership, presence & mindful resilienceSetting up our inner compass points and processes to lead ourselves and others strongly from within

Module 2: Embracing Reality: Openness,Constructive closed-ness, curiosity & emotional agility; inner sources of energy and mindful intelligence, in the face of everyday stress and negativity.

Module 3: Trust of self, trust of others – Assessing and building trust in our relationship to ourselves, and in relationship to our team using mindfulness

SECTION 2  – ‘WE’ Thriving Together as a Team (thriving inter-personally)

Module 1: Mindful relationships – Becoming dynamically mindful around teamwork, customer-centricity & connection
Module 2: Balancing Power & Compassion– Managing the delicate dynamic of powerful AND empathic leadership

SECTION 3 – ‘OUR BUSINESS’ Imagining our Future 

Module 1: Active detachment. The possibilities and joy for the future.Creating an optimistic, energy filled and inspiring view of the future balanced by appropriate risk management

Module 2: Anxiety to excitement – Being energised by and seeing the opportunity in uncertainty, the unknown and the unexpected

CONSOLIDATION SESSION – Moving forward together: Consolidating the learning, practice and focus points for future application

Each module is two hours in duration, and can be delivered live in person, online, or in hybrid format.


To discuss the further possibility of doing the IMPT with your school you can contact Toby at or phone 65-96750279

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