Living Life From Your Inner Center – Meditations for Going With the Flow of the Present Moment


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In a sentence: Want to learn how to de-clutter and find more space in your mind? Interested in how you can reduce anxiety and stress in your life and live more in-the-flow? Want to live your life from a deeper, happier and more fulfilling place of self-knowledge? Then read on!


This three hour meditation workshop offers practical techniques and methods for dealing with our minds habitual tendencies to obsess over the past and the future, and explains how we can go about living our life more fully, creatively and happily from by living more mindfully in the present moment.

With the amount of information and logistics of our current contemporary lifestyle, as well as the emotional stress and alienation that we so often feel, learning the skill of keeping our mind in the here and now through meditation has never been more valuable!

Learning to keep our minds centred in the present moment not only has great relaxational value; it also gives us greater access to our own ‘natural intelligence’ or natural wisdom, which in gives turn provides the confidence, courage and presence of mind we need to meet our daily challenges appropriately and successfully.

The meditation skills that you develop in this workshop will help you to:

  • Stay more calm and centered at work or at home when under stress
  • Understand why sometimes the best way to get more done is to go slower
  • How taking better care of your emotional and relational needs through meditation improves your quality of work and bonds with those you live and work with
  • How to be responsive rather than reactive when making important decisions
  • Deal with the challenges of balancing work and family life

What you will learn

The emphasis in the workshop will be on simple and practical methods that can be done for short periods during the day (5-15mins) that will enable you to:

  • Calm the body, brain and nervous system in such a way that awareness of the body itself brings the mind back into the present moment
  • Understand why our mind so often resists the present moment, and how we can let go of this resistance and relax into the flow of the here and now
  • Build your concentration like a muscle in your mind that will give you greater ability to keep focused on the immediate present, even when under emotional stress
  • How to relax into a state of “timelessness” which, paradoxically enables you to keep centred and present even when the mind is busy and moving around all over the place

The Structure of the Workshop:

1st Hour – Short introductory talk, then meditation for relaxing the body, brain and nervous system, followed by explanation of the practice. Then we will look at reasons why we often resist the present moment, ad how to deal with this.

2nd Hour – Meditation on overcoming our resistance to the present moment, and building our ability to remain focused in the here and now using the power of our concentration.

3rd Hour – Meditation on how to relax into a state of timelessness, or the ‘eternal present’ that enables us to remain centred even when our mind remains busy and active. Talk on understanding the different types of present moment experience, and how each one has a different role to play in helping us to lead a more deeply happy and fully present life.

You will also receive:

  • Extensive workshop notes giving full details of the meditation practices that are taught.
  • Four ten minute MP3 meditation recordings that you can take away and listen to as a support for your personal practice

For further enquiries: Email, or SMS 96750279


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