Meditations for Developing the Language of Your Shadow Self

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In a sentence: Are you interested in learning a form of meditation that will:

  • Help you to get in touch with a deeper level of psychological harmony and wellbeing within yourself?
  • Access new levels of energy and confidence?
  • Discover and heal hidden aspects of your psyche that are currently sabotaging your happiness in daily life and transforming them into something useful and powerful within you?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then read on!

What is the shadow?

The ‘shadow self’ is that part of our mind and self that we have rejected and pushed so deeply into our unconscious awareness such that often we are not even consciously aware that it exists. However, from its position within the unconscious mind our shadow self remains active, influencing our behavior and causing us to behave in ways which seem to be difficult for us to understand. The shadow has both a ‘dark’ side and a ‘bright’ or golden side;

  • The dark side consists of unresolved negative emotions, behaviors and energies within us that we fear and have rejected
  • The bright shadow consists of aspects of our highest potential, greatest ability and strength that we have also rejected and pushed away

Thus working with the shadow involves working with both positive and negative energies that we have rejected, and re-integrating them into our conscious mind.

The language of the shadow

We can divide our shadow not just into dark and bright aspects, but also into ‘characters’ or ‘archetypes’ that exist within our psyche. By working with these characters in shadow meditation we develop a ‘language of the shadow’ that enables us to see more completely what our shadow is and how it functions.

In this 3 hour workshop we will be working principally with three inner shadow characters; the child, the parent and the old or wise one.

By working with these shadow characters in meditation you will develop the capacity to:

  • Heal past wounds from childhood, integrating the joyful and creative child into your present life.
  • Developing a fuller and more intimate understanding of the language that your own shadow self uses to communicate with you
  • Understand different aspects of your shadow self as it relates to different time periods in your life (childhood, puberty, early adulthood etc…)
  • Finding and articulating your shadow as it relates to different areas of our life, for example your relationships, work life, spiritual life and so on.
  • Understand how shadow work and development relates to other aspects of inner work such as your mediation practice in general, your psychological development and even your physical fitness

The overall effect of the workshop will be that you will develop an inner “shadow language” consisting of imaginary characters, images and feelings that relate to the different expressions of both your wounded/dark shadow and your bright or golden shadow.

Workshop will also includes:

  • A set of MP3 Meditations for your personal practice, as well as the MP3 recordings of the workshop itself
  • A handbook detailing the practices done in the workshop as well as the

To register or for further enquiries: email or SMS 96750279 during office hours


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