Harnessing the Power of Stress

Coal and DiamondOne Line Description: Teaches you and your team to transform negative stress and emotion into positive energy through mindfulness

Target Audience

Companies who want to help their leadership, management and employees to become more mentally resilient to stressful circumstances, and thus work more effectively, get sick or burn out less often and work more efficiently together.

Why This Program?

  • Because this program teaches you not just to reduce and manage stress, but to transform it into positive energy
  • Because it creates personally empowered individuals who can go and create a positive working environment for your company
  • When you can transform stress into positive energy, tensions that would normally break up the efficiency and harmony of a group can actually bring it together and make it stronger

Program Description:

Stress, anxiety, fear – Ordinarily we see these states of mind and emotion as negative; things that get in the way of our wellbeing, and prevent us from achieving the work goals and quality of life that we would like.

But what if there was a way in which we could learn to work with these negative and difficult energies in such a way that we could transform and redirect them, making them sources of strength that help us to accomplish our goals and awaken to a new level of functional performance?

This course is exactly that; it teaches you how you can transform your stress, anxiety and other daily challenges into forces for the good in your work life.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

The Stress Transformation methodology provides participants with the ability to:

  • Understand, control and re-direct fear and anxiety
  • Reduce, release and re-direct tension and stress toward the achievement of practical goals
  • Keep mentally stable and strong when surrounded by hostility or conflict
  • Think positively when surrounded by negative energy
  • Take in and appreciate the positive side of any situation without losing sight of the genuine challenges and difficulties faced
  • Develop relaxed concentration that is able to remain focused and productive in the face of distractions

Training Methodology

Self-reflection exercises, Creative imagery work, group discussion


For Further Enquiries

Please contact Integral Meditation Asia at info@integralmeditationasia.com or 65-96750279

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