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pmp484I-Awake – Sound Technology to Support Your Meditation Practice

Message from Toby:

I have recently formally affiliated integral Meditation Asia with I-Awake technologies my reasons for doing so are because, after working with them myself for the last 10 months I have found that:

They give far greater and easier access to meditative states than would otherwise be possible, particularly if you are at the beginning or intermediate level. Using the I-Awake sound technology makes it easier for you to make progress, particularly if you do not have access to a regular meditation group

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I have found that the Brainwave Entrainment and Biofield Technology that is used in the I-Awake tracks has a profound balancing, relaxing and energizing effect on my mind and body that is incredibly useful not just for meditation, but also for:

  • Listening to whilst working
  • When travelling
  • When resting and recovering from sports activities or travel
  • Improving the quality of my sleep
  • When doing creative work such as writing or drawing
  • To provide a supportive background energy for my personal coaching and workshop sessions with clients

The I-Awake product range is quite diverse, each of the tracks having different qualities and effects, here is an initial sampling to help you get started. All of the below links have free sample tracks on the web pages, so you can try them out and see which one resonates with you the best:

For relaxation, energizing and healing:

Digital Acupuncture


Healing Light

For meditation, de-stressing, chilling and feeling good (Can also be excellent for sleep enhancement):

Sound Asleep

Stealing Flow – Power Nap

Audio Serenity

Harmonic Resonance Meditation

Heartwave Meditation

For improved brain function and focus:

Digital Euphoria

Neurocharger and Gamma Burst

Enjoy browsing the I-Awake products, and listening to the free samples! If you have any particular enquiries about what might be best for you in your particular circumstances, then do email me for advice on

Yours in the spirit of the journey,


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