Mindful Self-Love – Mindfulness and meditation practices for developing a positive, enjoyable & productive relationship to yourself

Location: Can be done onsite, or at Toby’s workshop space

Format: Can be done as a three-hour workshop, or as a series of 3 1-hour modules. Online & hybrid also possible.

For further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvry.com, or sms 65-96750279

One sentence summary: Develop a positive, enjoyable and consistent relationship to yourself (& Other People) through simple & easy to practice mindfulness techniques.

Level of Workshop: Suitable for beginners or more advanced practitioners interested in this specific area of mindfulness practice

Overview: Our relationship to ourself is the most important relationship that we have, as it is ourself that we spend 24hours of each day with. If we have a balanced, positive relationship to self we will tend to project this positivity onto our relationships with others. Similarly any imbalances or deficiencies that we have in our relationship to self will tend to be projected onto other people around us.

This workshop presents a series of engaged mindfulness practices that will enable you to:

  • Like and embrace who you are, enjoying your relationship to yourself on a daily basis
  • Become more resilient to the challenges of self hatred or dislike, moving toward a space of greater self acceptance
  • Bring the confidence, comfort & ease that you develop in your practice of self-love into your work & relationships with other people

A side effect of the mindful self-love practices will be greater peace of mind, greater ability to focus on what is important and a reduced sense of anxiety and insecurity

Workshop Structure: The workshop leads participants through three mindful self love practices, with time for discussion, Q&A & note taking in between. The three domains of practice will be:

  1. Bringing awareness to your habitual relationship to self
  2.  Identifying & experiencing reasons to like and embrace yourself with affection and warmth
  3.  Identifying & processing challenges in your relationship to self

In Addition to the Workshop participants will receive: The MP3 recording’s of the mindfulness exercises done in the seminar for your ongoing personal use

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