The Mindful Self-Knowledge Program with Toby


This is a six to eight-month coaching program with Toby is designed to facilitate your own personal mindful self-discovery process. It focuses on:

  • Awareness of how your past experience has influenced who and how you are today
  • Confidence in approaching your present experience with playful fullness and enthusiasm
  • Giving you the inner tools to face your choices and your future in an empowered, dynamic, and authentic manner

All in all, it aims to provide you with a strong, healthy, confident, functional self. A sense of self that has the capability to take charge of your life direction, your quality of life, and your destiny with realistic confidence.

The tools we use in the program are a combination of:

  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • “Sentence-completion” and other written/journaling techniques
  • Other personalised methodologies

The approach is a combination of eastern and western modalities, covering the psychological, philosophical and relational knowledge domains that enable you to build real-time skills and change your experience for the better.

The Program Content:

Each month has a formal area for exploration, within which we explore your own individual journey:

Month 1: Setting up the program, context, overview and introductory exercises

Month 2: Exploring the influence of our parents and role-models

Month 3: Getting to know our inner child and teenage selves

Month 4: Exploring, accepting and transforming “negative” feeling and emotions

Month 5: Exploring, strengthening and diversifying our “positive” feelings and emotions

Month 6: Exploring sexuality and relationships

Month 7: Building self-esteem – accepting happiness and building a feeling of being adequate to life

Month 8: Connecting to your inner wise or “Sage” self


In addition to the coaching sessions, you need to be prepared to set aside 15-20 minutes a day, six days a week. You can set aside more, but this is the minimum needed.


Watch Toby’s video introduction to the Self-Knowledge Program:


About the Coach:

Toby Ouvry is a coach with over 20 years of experience in teaching and coaching people in the art of mindful living. He did his first ten years of basic training in the art of mindful living within the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition (including five years as a Buddhist monk), after which he then combined his traditional mindfulness training with insights from contemporary psychology, neuro-psychology and integral philosophy.

His approach to coaching is very down to earth and practical, always emphasizing gradual, consistent, sustainable progress to his clients, backed up by the practical mindfulness methods that can enable that progress.

You can read more about Toby here.


For more enquiries please or phone 65-96750279

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