Integral Mindfulness for creative high performance, productivity & personal wellness

In a sentence

This program aims to provide participants with a clear understanding and experience of functional meditation and mindfulness skills that will help them navigate the workplace and life more creatively, effectively and sustainably.


Integral Mindfulness Practice is a mindfulness and meditation methodology that has been developed by Toby over his thirty years of practice and teaching as a mindfulness trainer (with 5 years as a Buddhist Monk), and over his seven years of running the mindfulness program at INSEAD School of Business for the MBA’s, staff and faculty. It is a program devised to address the following questions:

  • How can I thrive in high stress environments without burning out?
  • How can I build my inner strengths in a way that leads to sustainable, creative high-performance? (By ‘creative’ high performance we mean going beyond but also including simple, linear productivity)
  • How can I use mindfulness to improve my relationships with both colleagues and family?
  • How can I use mindfulness & meditation to develop my self-leadership and capacity to lead others effectively & inspiringly?
  • How can I manage my wellbeing in such a way that, as I get older, and my career progresses I still find myself enthusiastic and high energy and ready for the next challenge?

This program below is designed to give a practical introduction to the core skills mentioned above.

Ways in which the program can be delivered: The program can be presented as a 8-9 module program as described below. Alternatively, it can be done as a full day workshop or two-day weekend retreat, or as a half-day or keynote (45-90mins) session, with specific tailored content curated for your  needs.

Once the program has been completed, further group coaching sessions are available to help participants deepen their experience.

Course content:

Session 1 – Beginning the journey How to practice mindfulness 101 

  • What is mindfulness & meditation?
  • Beginning your practice with mindful flow
  • Where and how often should you practice?

Session 2 – Deeper into practical mindful attention:

  • Optimizing your mindful attention using Single-pointedness and going with the flow
  •  Practising four mindful positions for wellbeing:  Simple, aware, positive & creative

Session 3 – Dealing with distractions and mental busyness:

  • Taking distractions as your object of focus
  • Building stability through the senses
  • Body-mountain, cloud-thought, sky-mind

Session 4 – Mindfulness & breathing

  • Distinguishing functional breathing from dysfunctional breathing
  • Basic deeper breathing skills
  • Breathing for conscious energising & relaxing

Session 5 – Mindfulness for emotional release & regulation

  • Mindfulness & emotional flow
  • Accepting emotions
  • Expanding your emotional range using mindfulness

Session 6 – Mindfulness in your relationships

  • Relationship positivity – Your circle of trust & support
  • Mindful listening to self & others
  • 3 mindful perspectives in relationships

Session 7 – Mental positivity & wisdom using mindfulness

  • Watching your mind
  • Appreciation & gratitude
  • Mental framing

Session 8 – Non-emergency, regeneration, silence

  • Recognising non-emergency & safety
  • Working with your brain and nervous system
  • Watching the spaces between your thoughts

Session 9 – Consolidation session

The elements of each session

Each session includes:

  • Introduction of key concepts
  • Mindfulness practice exercises related to the key concepts
  • Discussion and Q&A in terms of exercises and everyday informal application

Integration tools

After each session participants will be sent:

  • A Slide/PDF summary of exercise covered
  • Recordings of the mindfulness & meditation exercises covered for personal practice
  • Articles for further reading

The sessions can be delivered live-in person, online or in hybrid format.

Contact: To discuss the further possibility of bringing mindful resilience to your organization you can contact Toby at or phone 65-96750279

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