Mantra yoga meditation classes

This month – Healing meditation with the Medicine Buddha

Time & Date: Saturday 27th July, 5-6pm

This is an ONLINE CLASS: The zoom link to participate is

Mantra yoga is the tradition of meditation that focuses on sound and speech as a way of connecting to higher & deeper levels of consciousness. Using it enables us to evolve & harmonize our own consciousness rapidly, as well as mediate energy out into the world for the benefit of others and our environment.

These classes focus on simple ways to use mantra meditation for the purposes of increasing our healing, manifestation, wisdom, & other capabilities. The class is led by Toby, who in his time as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition learned to use mantra yoga extensively.

Each class introduces a particular mantra for a particular purpose. The sessions involve visualization as well as mantra, & promise to be fun, enjoyable & energizing, as well as meaningful!

This month – Healing meditation with the Medicine Buddha

Overview: Connect to the energy of the Buddha of Medicine to facilitate healing for yourself & others

More about the class: The Medicine Buddha is a figure who embodying the awakened healing energy of all enlightened beings. By connecting to his mantra, we can tap into a source of universal healing energy that we can then direct towards:

– Our own personal physical, emotional & spiritual healing

– Direct towards the healing of loved ones or others suffering from illness (remote healing)

– Increase our compassion & innate healing ability

– Combine this with an increase in our overall meditation skill & ability

The session involves simple practices guided by Toby that you can apply to make a real difference to the health & wellbeing of yourself, your close circle & the world

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Suitable for: Both beginners & more advanced practitioners of meditation & mindfulness. All are welcome.

Cost: Sing$35 per class, or set of 4 classes for $120

Class package can also be used with Toby’s Tuesday & Wednesday classes

You can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or click HERE to make payment class via PayPal

To pay for a set of 4 classes on PayPal, click HERE.

About the teacher: The session is created and facilitated by Toby Ouvry, the founder of Integral Meditation Asia, who has over 25 years of teaching meditation and mindfulness. He did his first ten years of training in meditation (back in the 1990’s) within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, where he received a formal initiation into the practice of the Medicine Buddha, & which he has continued practicing until today.

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