Mindful Dreaming – Meditation Practices for Integrating Conscious Dreaming into Your Daily Life

Dream eye, boat & oceanIn a sentence: Develop a more lucid, conscious & fulfilling experience of your dreams (both night and daydreams) & dream self through meditation and mindfulness

Overview: Would you like to:

  • Use your daily dreaming to enhance & improve your waking life?
  • Become more lucidly aware of your dream life & dream self, & the power that they have to bring both playfulness and meaning to your life?
  • Understand the different types of dream state & how to work with them?
  • Learn how to interpret your dreams more effectively?
  • Become a conscious traveller in the dream worlds (& know how to travel safely)?
  • Become more creative by accessing your dream and imaginal self?
  • Learn how to consciously direct your dream expereinces
  • Deal with difficult or even scary dreams appropriately
  • Know how to dream while you are awake, and understand how to bring your waking and dreaming life together into an integrated whole

Then this is a workshop for you!

All of us dream, both in the sleep state and whilst awake (daydreaming). This workshop teaches meditation and mindfulness practices to help you become a ‘conscious dreamer’

Content of the workshop:

Over the three hours of the workshop you will be taught four simple but profound meditation practices that will help you to

  • Exercise 1 – Meditating in the ‘twilight state’ & learning how to consciously shifting your mind from waking to dreaming to the deeper non-dreaming state and back again.
  • Exercise 2  Re-entering dreams 1: Creating positive experiences from difficult or troubling dreams
  • Exercise 3 – Re-entering dreams 2: Continuing story-lines where you left off
  • Exercise 4 – Accessing guides, personal healing and inner growth through dreamwork

In addition to the workshop you will receive:

  • MP3 recordings of the meditations that are done during the workshop
  • Full workshop notes with all of the exercises included as well as other relevant articles and materials.
  • All in all you will have a very clear idea of how you can continue your practice of quietening the mind through meditation in your daily life after leaving the workshop

For further enquiries: email info@tobyouvry.com or SMS 96750279




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