Mindfulness at work

For companies who are serious about investing in the functional wellbeing of their employees and the knock on benefits to business practice and office harmony that come from this, Integral Meditation Asia currently offers several programs.

About Toby Ouvry, the principle mindfulness coach at Integral Meditation Asia:

  • An expert trainer and speaker on how mindfulness can deliver more harmonious and productive business practices
  • Helps organisations and individuals harness the power of stress, improve focus and develop resilience
  • Is a former Buddhist monk drawing on wisdom traditions and cutting-edge practice in psychology and neuro-psychology
  • Author of the book ‘Engaged Mindfulness – What mindfulness is and how we can apply it to our daily lives

Watch Toby’s TedX Talk on Mindfulness:

Toby uses mindfulness to help companies and individuals perform at their highest level in increasingly challenging and competitive working environments. A former Buddhist monk, Toby delivers organisational training and talks on mindfulness for companies that wish to create more harmonious and productive business practices.

A practical integration of ancient and modern wisdom for the contemporary workplace

Toby draws on the world’s great wisdom traditions and cutting-edge practice in psychology and neuropsychology, but tailors them explicitly for real-world, practical business needs. He currently facilitates the mindfulness program for the MBA’s at the INSEAD School of Business, Singapore campus. He delivers mindfulness programs to corporates, government organisations and SMEs in Singapore and Asia, and travels regularly to the UK. Individuals and teams learn how to create environments that will encourage all team members to do their best work under Toby’s expert guidance. The goal is always to achieve a win-win relationship between professional effectiveness and personal happiness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of personal development training that enhances physical and mental performance, focus, memory and cognition as well as reducing stress, and improving task-focus.

Backed by an increasing amount of scientific evidence, mindfulness training can be tailored to deliver a variety of business aims. With over fifteen years’ training and speaking experience, Toby can deliver a range of programs according to the needs of your business. Toby Ouvry’s insights can be delivered either as a keynote, as an interactive program, or as a 1-2 hour ‘Mindfulness Master Class’. Popular themes include:

The Modular Integral Mindfulness Program: This is a program that has been developed by Toby over his seven years of running the mindfulness program at INSEAD for the MBA’s, staff and faculty. The program is ‘modular’ meaning that you, the client, can choose the subjects that you want to integrate.  With Toby’s help you can create a personally designed series that can help and inspire your team or organization in the areas you want to focus on.

Integral Mindfulness for creative high performance, productivity & personal wellness: This program aims to provide participants with a clear understanding and experience of functional meditation and mindfulness skills that will help them navigate the workplace and life more creatively, effectively and sustainably.

Turning up Larger than Life – Mindfulness for Executive Presence & Being Present: This program looks at ways participants can sustain their energy levels in the face of demanding schedules & information overload. It teaches ways of manage wellbeing in such a way that, as we get older, and our career progresses we can still find ourselves enthusiastic, with high energy, and ready for the next challenge. If participants are already facing a burnout, it provides key practices they can leverage upon on to recover effectively, & avoid falling back into it.

Climbing, not carrying mountains – Mindfulness for Creating energy & overcoming burnout: This program looks at ways participants can sustain their energy levels in the face of demanding schedules & information overload.  If they already are facing burnout, it provides key practices they can leverage upon on to recover effectively, & avoid falling back into it.

Technology, high-performance & burnout – Taking mindful charge of yourself, your phone & your devices: This training program focuses on mindful technology use, high-performance, and preventing burnout in the information age. It consists of six sessions, each with specific mindfulness practices and content

The Mindful thriving Program for Leadership Teams: This is a mindfulness program designed to empower individuals and teams who are already high performing to be inspired to stay the best and become even better in the medium and long term, not just the short term. By thriving we mean not only in the domains of business, but also in relationships, personal happiness and in the sense of living meaningfully.

Mindful Leadership: Transforming Self and Inspiring Others: Mindful Leadership is a “must have skill” for modern leaders – yet many professionals are too stressed to know where to start. The Mindful Leadership workshop provides deep insights and easy practices based in neuroscience, brain training and positive psychology to help professionals thrive in the “age of disruption.”

Harnessing the power of stressToby Ouvry delivers a specific programme on how to harness the power of stress for constructive ends. Teams will learn how to transform negative stress and emotion into positive energy for success. They will also learn how to reduce unhelpful stress levels.

Mindfulness for marketing and sales professionals: Toby Ouvry can deliver a teaching program specifically tailored to the needs of those in sales and marketing roles. Key learnings include listening to and taking the perspective of others; thinking clearly and creatively; increasing motivation; processing psychological barriers to effective sales and marketing practice.

Resilience for leadership, management and employee teams: The social sciences show that resilience is one of the greatest predictors of individual and organizational success. Moreover, resilient leaders, managers and employees are less likely to fall ill or to leave their jobs. Mindfulness is a hugely valuable tool in developing resilience to setbacks and challenges.

You can find a complete list of all programs at Integral Meditation Asia with Toby here.

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