Wabi-Sabi mindfulness – The art of creative leadership and self-leadership workshop

This workshop can be done live-in-person or online, its a perfect way for groups and teams to get a fresh perspective on leadership and self-leadership, in combination with a bunch of practically applicable methods!

In a sentence: Learn how to work creatively with uncertainty, imperfection and life’s inherent messiness to realize your leadership and self-leadership potential.  Manage stress and anxiety better using mindfulness in combination with the practical philosophy of Wabi-Sabi.

Wabi-Sabi is one of the definitive aesthetic movements to emerge from Japan. With origins starting in the early 15th Century and influenced from Zen Buddhism, Wabi-Sabi became an aesthetic found in the arts and crafts such as ceramic, flower arranging and interior design. It also became a practical philosophy and approach to life. Principle aspects of Wabi-Sabi include:

  • An appreciation of the beauty of the impermanent, the imperfect and incomplete
  • A recognition of the value of humility
  • A willingness to engage with the unconventional

Mindfulness is the art of attention training and presence. This is a mindfulness workshop enabling participants to use Wabi-Sabi principles to:

  • Become the artist and creative director of your life
  • Harness your creative potential more productively
  • Build long term self-confidence and self-trust
  • Embody your own ‘authentic presence’ more fully, even when under pressure (for example when performing or working under a deadline)
  • Move from creative anxiety to creative excitement
  • Stay increasingly cool and calm, even when under real time pressure

A bit more on the workshop content: The workshop will consist of talks given by Toby, mindfulness exercises and discussion periods. Broadly speaking we will cover:

  • How to own your creative power and become an empowered, self-directed entity
  • Working with the principles of mindful self-leadership in your life
  • Ways in which you can combine genuine self-confidence and self-trust with vulnerability and sensitivity
  • How to flow with the reality of impermanence, at the same time building inner stability and a sense of predictability
  • Developing an appreciation of the imperfect and incomplete, both within us and in our work. How can we bring the very best of what we are capable to the table each day, whilst also accepting that it won’t be perfect
  • How to balance ongoing uncertainty with attention, process orientation and focusing on what’s next!

You will be provided with a complete recording of the whole workshop, as well as individual recordings of the specific exercises. You will also be provided with a PDF set of workshop notes.

For further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvry.com, or sms 65-96750279

About the Facilitator Toby Ouvry: Originally trained as an artist, specializing in ceramic sculpture, Toby subsequently embarked on a mindfulness and meditation odessy that included fie years as a Buddhist Monk. He is the facilitator of the Mindfulness program at INSEAD, and the founder of his own training company Integral Meditation Asia. He has over 23 years of experience in teaching mindfulness to people of all backgrounds, specializing in teaching sustainable high-performance practices to executives in leadership positions. You can read more about Toby here.

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