The Modular Integral Mindfulness Program

This is a program that has been developed by Toby over his seven years of running the mindfulness program at INSEAD for the MBA’s, staff and faculty. It is a program devised to address the following questions:

  • How can I thrive in high stress environments without burning out
  • How can I build my inner strengths in a way that leads to sustainable, creative high-performance? (By ‘creative’ high performance we mean going beyond but also including simple, linear productivity)
  • How can I use mindfulness & meditation to develop my self-leadership and capacity to lead others effectively & inspiringly?
  • How can I use mindfulness to improve my relationships with both family and colleagues?
  • How can I manage my wellbeing in such a way that, as I get older, and my career progresses I still find myself enthusiastic, with high energy, and ready for the next challenge?

A unique, flexible program for your particular needs

Toby can help you design a training that is flexible in terms of length and timing according to your needs. The program is ‘modular’ meaning that you, the client, can choose the subjects that you want to integrate.  With Toby’s help you can create a personally designed series that can help and inspire your team or organization in the areas you want to focus on. Each module lasts for 30-60minutes. Modules can be delivered as standalone single session, or arranged together to form half-day or full day workshops.

What is ‘Integral Mindfulness’?

Integral mindfulness means mindfulness that develops a range of skills that, practiced together, help you develop multiple inner skills and capacities. Some of the skills the Integral Mindfulness Program covers include:

  • Focusing your mind
  • Stress reduction & redirection
  • Mindfulness to help your physical health & wellbeing
  • Cognitive mindfulness for improving your mental capacity
  • Mindfulness for developing your emotional and relational intelligence
  • Increasing creativity and developing non-linear processing skills

Each module contains a knowledge gain and a related mindfulness or meditation practice to help develop the actual experience in our daily lives.

The full list of subjects is below, you’ll notice there are a lot! Remember that Toby can design a to-order proposal based on your needs. Next to each of the titles is a link to an article of Toby’s related to the topic.

To find out more or to engage Toby at your organization: email , or SMS 65-96750279.

Foundational mindfulness & meditation sessions – Breathing, body, presence, focus, flow

Mindful attention 1: The how, the why & the when to meditate 101 – Awakening to where you are & How often should you meditate?

Mindful attention 2: How to practice mindfulness 101 – Unstructured mindfulness – Turning & facing & Your attention as your object of mindfulness

Mindful attention 3: Cultivating your beginners mind; retaining your lightness and playfulness in life, the gateway to a new beginning – Combining your beginners mind with your wise mind

Mindful attention 4: Developing sustainable, good quality concentration & the foundation of calm – Your basic mindful flow state  & the Spectrum of mindful attention

Mindful attention 5: Optimizing your mindful attention – Single-pointedness and going with the flow

Mindful attention 6: Integrating field awareness & single-pointedness in daily life

Mindfulness for sustainable high-performance & enthusiasm – Mindfulness, productivity, self-regulation & the 85% rule

Mindful attention 6: Mindfulness for becoming more effective both in work & life – Two fundamental mindfulness and meditation questions

Mindful attention 7: Building concentration in an age of distraction – Mindful concentration in an age of distraction & An undistracted mind

Mindful attention 8: The way of the mindful warrior – High functioning attention in daily life & work – Working Samadhi – The way of the mindful warrior & Honesty, enemies, friends, mindfulness – Three ‘warrior meditations’

Mindful attention 9: Finding stability through the senses – Stabilizing your pyramid of consciousness

Body mountain, could thought, sky mind

Breathing for stress release and inner balance – Free Form Breathing – Allowing your body intelligence to decide

Mindful breathing 1: An introduction to functional & dysfunctional breathing

Mindful breathing 2: Integrating mindfulness of the body and breathing – Body-heart-mind scanning

Mindful breathing 3: Breathing for emotional flow and energy –  Letting come, letting go, going with the flow

Mindful breathing 4: Basic deep breathing – How to do it and the benefits

Mindful breathing 5: Belly breathing for inner calm and strength – Breathing from your belly, ducking under your thoughts

Mindful breathing 6: Breathing for relaxation and energy – Incremental Breathing – Relaxing and energizing at will

Mindful breathing 7: Breathing for releasing & positivity – Meditating like a baby – Six breathing meditations

Mindful breathing 8: Breathing for self-regulation & wellbeing (Wave, still-point & pore breathing) – Breathing like a wave & Breathing through your skin

Mindful health 1: Optimizing your brain with mindfulness – Lighting up your pathways – Helping your brain to help you

Mindful health 2: Mindful care of the heart – Meditating with your physical heart

Mindful health 3: Creating a high-functioning nervous system through mindfulness – Looking after your nervous system through meditation & mindful of your intensity levels

Presence & being present (Executive presence & function within self)

Meditation – Centering around simplicity (to thrive on complexity)

The Conscious-self – Captain of your ship & CEO of your body-mind

Combining physical & psychological centring – Three mindful sitting positions

Working skilfully with distractions and busy-ness – Being mindful of the non-present moment

Overcoming stubborn distractions – Questions leading to empty space – Overcoming stubborn distractions

Building a positive relationship to the past – Appreciating the Past to Liberate the Present

Working with anxiety & uncertainty regarding the future – Creating a unified body-mind (No future)

Creating an undistracted & disciplined mind through mindful purpose – An undistracted mind

Developing mindful leadership & self-leadership skills

The Experiential self – Meditation for developing your vividness & charisma

The art of non-emergency – Transforming fear and cultivating calm & peace

On body & posture in leadership & self-leadership – Strong-back soft-front & Benevolence – Your big heartedness

On compassion & leadership assertiveness – Humble self-assertiveness & Allowing & Participating – Rethinking ‘being in control’

Using acceptance to move forward quicker and more effectively in work & life – A wheel spinning  out of balance

Thriving on complexity – Meditation, centring around simplicity to thrive on complexity

Meeting life challenges mindfully – Curiosity, Courage and Care – Cornerstones the Mindful Self-Leadership Encounter

The wisdom of innocence and experience – Combining your beginners mind with your experienced mind

Four stages of mindful self-leadership – Mindfully dancing between doing and being (the four stages of engaged mindfulness)

The wise leader 1: Becoming a man or woman of no rank (& meditating spaghetti-western style)

The wise leader 2: Playing your roles with freedom & Liberation from your roles & labels – Three examples

Your inner compass, mindful ways to develop trust in yourself and others – Four types of mindful self-trust 

Focusing on lightness, courage & joy – Taking the weight off your chest (Transforming sadness)

Balancing leadership presence with leadership vision – Envisioning & presence – Climbing the mindful mountain

Mindfulness for self-confidence 1:  How to mindfully develop your self-confidence

Mindfulness for self-confidence 2: Making good use of your vulnerability

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 1: Meditating on not over sharpening your blade

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 2: Meditating on non-striving & its three levels

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 3: Climbing, not carrying mountains

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 4: Less haste, More hurry; Making contentment & ambition an unbeatable team – Content but never satisfied

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 5: Dealing well with worry & anxiety at work – Dealing mindfully with worry and anxiety at work – Five positions & Plan more worry less

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 6: Meditation for recovery, regeneration & building willpower: Becoming mindfully unfocused  & Mindful use of willpower

Creating energy & overcoming burnout 7: Recovery from physical stress and cognitive overload – Wave breathing, turtling up & Letting your mind come home to roost

Cognitive mindfulness for improving your mental resilience & inner strength

Meditation, brain relaxation, silence

Developing your inner observer – Bare attention & Witnessing like the sun

Mindful thinking 1: Developing wise judgment through non-judgment – Honesty, release, and redirection -Three Levels of Non-Judgment

Mindful thinking 2: Meditation – Life as a positive mindfulness game

Mindful thinking 3: Thinking in harmony – The Yin & Yang of Mindful thinking

Mindful thinking 4: Improving the quality of your thinking – Mindful thinking – 15% less, 15% better

Mindful thinking 5: Think well or don’t think

Mindful thinking 6: Mental clarity & emotional intelligence: If you feel properly you will think clearly

Mindful thinking 7: Making your mind agile through observation – Your thoughts as emails

Mastering attention to reality – Experiencing, feeling, interpreting – Mindfully processing our reality

Riding your inner and outer storms – The eye of the storm – Finding peace in the non-peace

How to remain centred in the middle of a busy mind – Finding the centre of the wheel

Mindful choice & choosing – Two types of choice-less awareness

Connecting to and enjoying silence – The way to silence

How to still your mind to build mental resilience – So how do you still your mind?

Mindful resilience & stress transformation 1: Four stages for transforming negative stress into positive energy

Mindful resilience & stress transformation 2: How to move from anxiety to excitement – Moving from anxiety to excitement

Mindful resilience & stress transformation 3: Becoming mindfully street-wise and learning to control the pace of your mind by shifting down the gears

Mindfulness for developing your emotional wellness and relational intelligence

Essential mindful positivity 1: Mindfully building your mental & emotional resilience 1 – The cycle of mindful positivity

Essential mindful positivity 2: Facing what you cannot face – Mindful inoculation

Essential Mindful positivity 3: Developing optimism & becoming an optimistic stoic

Working mindfully with emotions – Mindfulness around emotions

Changing your emotional patterns & reactions – Mindful of your moods, emotions and dispositions

Mindfulness for flowing with the ups and downs of life – Mindfulness of feelings: The principle of flow & Structure & flow – Mindful plumbing

Mindfulness for emotional thriving: Your emotional colour palate

Mindful relationships 1: Inner listening – Three levels of meditating on silence & Inner sensitivity – Listening to yourself

Mindful relationships 2: Applying Mindful Curiosity to Your Relationships

Mindful relationships 3: Methods for making wise decisions in teams & relationships   

Mindful relationships 4: Dealing mindfully with anger and conflict in your relationships

Building intentionality & goodwill toward yourself and others – Goodwill as your object of mindfulness & Why am I doing this? Mindfully self-regulating your energy

Accessing happiness & wellness easily – Happiness as acceptance? & Natural Happiness

Balancing knowledge with wisdom (Balancing accumulating and letting go)

Creative & integrative mindfulness

Integral mindfulness 1: Simple, or aware, or positive, or creative

Integral mindfulness 2: How to transform frustration into motivation

Integral mindfulness 3: How to create a mind of ease, relaxed concentration & positive intention

Getting past yourself – The quickest way to de-stress & Dropping the self

Four mindful questions, four times a year

How to create your own personally tailored mediations – Five steps to create your own meditation objects

Integrating the energy of nature into your meditation – Using Landscape in meditation & Traveling while staying indoors: Meditating with landscape

Meditations for gentle energy & inviting intuitive & creative thinking – What does it mean to meditate on Non-doing?, Liberation from the seeking mind, Solve no problem (& leave no problem unsolved)

Connecting to your creativity in the present moment – The web of time & the intuitive present

Four types of powerful presence & calm – Four Types of Deep Calm, Four Types of Dynamic Power

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