Stress Transformation Coaching

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Stress transformation coaching enables you to transform your current negative stress and emotion into positive energy


Stress, anxiety, fear, pressure, anger, attachment – Ordinarily we see these states of mind and emotion as negative; things that get in the way of our happiness and well-being, and prevent us from achieving the goals and quality of life that we would like.

But what if there was a way in which we could learn to work with these negative and difficult energies in such a way that we could transform and redirect them, making them sources of positive and empowering energy, helping us to accomplish our goals and awaken to a new level of fulfillment?

Stress transformation coaching with Toby is exactly that; it shows you how you can transform your stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions into forces for the good in your life. The coaching focuses upon:

  • Getting to know and understand the negative or conflicting energy and emotion in your life more deeply and intimately, seeing its potential value
  • Developing the capacity to recycle,  transform and redirect this difficult energy into a positive force that works for you rather than against you
  • Find yourself thriving in situations and circumstances that would previously make you unhappy, fearful, inhibited and so on…
  • Open to a whole new more enlightened level of mental resilience, inner well-being and wisdom
  • Enabling you to make contributions of greater value not just to yourself, but also to your family, your relationships and at work.

Client Testimonial

“Three one hour sessions exploring “shadows” with Toby has been an incredibly enlightening experience. Each session invited me to explore and ultimately understand the part I unconsciously play in social interactions that I find challenging.  Toby subtly, yet powerfully guided me through a voyage of self discovery, allowing me to understand my reaction, and challenge my perception of a situation.”

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