Meditation and Mindfulness for Self-Healing and Creating High Levels of Energy

Yin-yang treeIn a sentence: Learn how you can use meditation and mindfulness order to accelerate the healing of a physical health condition, create higher levels of energy in your body and/or break through difficult energy patterns in your physical body that are affecting your mental and emotional wellbeing

Overview: This workshop teaches meditation and mindfulness practices from the tradition of Qi-gong that have been used for over a thousand years to promote healing, increase vitality and immunity levels and create the experience of harmony and wellbeing within our mind and body.

These meditations focus on:

  • Developing a connection to the bio-sphere of the Earth (or put another way its life-force or electromagnetic field)
  • And then consciously circulating its energy through our body.

These meditations focus on developing a connection to the bio-sphere of the Earth (or put another way its life-force or electromagnetic field) and then consciously circulating its energy through our body. This circulation of energy of ‘qi’ can be used to accelerate the rate of healing of physical injuries, boost our immune system in the face of illness, or simply to enhance our overall quality of wellness and energy in the face of a demanding schedule and lifestyle.

The great thing about these meditations is that once learned we find that we have access to a self-healing technique that we can apply to ourself at any time, free of charge and teach to our friends and loved ones.

On a routine of as little as ten minutes a day these meditations can make a real, tangible difference to your experience of health, energy and wellbeing.

Personal Story from Toby: “I first got into qi gong meditation and mindfulness back in 1994-5. It was the last year of my bachelor’s degree and I found myself suffering from anxiety and chronic fatigue. Of all the techniques and methods I tried I found that Qi gong meditation had the most immediate, tangible and long lasting effect on alleviating the symptoms of my condition and boosting my immune system. Because of it I was able to graduate without any glitches and take up a normal working schedule at my first job post graduation without being worries despite my ongoing challenges. Today, twenty years later I still use these techniques to recuperate from sports injuries faster, balance the energy of my body mind and keep my energy levels up in the face of a busy and demanding daily routine”.

Listen to Toby talking about Self-Healing Meditation: 

Content of the workshop:

Over the three hours of the workshop you will be introduced to four self-healing and energizing meditations. These can be performed sitting, standing or lying down.

  • The first is a meditation for connecting to and enhancing your body’s subtle energy system by connecting it to the energy field of the Earth.
  • The second is a technique for re-awakening the energy of your body’s cellular structure to promote self-healing and energization.
  • The third is a practice for leaning to send healing energy to specific areas and organs within your body.
  • The fourth is a classical Qi-gong healing form called the ‘microcosmic-orbit’ which is a powerful technique for circulating energy through the body in order to promote healing, unblock stagnant energy and promote inner mental and emotional harmony.

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