Finding Freedom From What Holds You Back in Life: Practical Meditations And Techniques For Working With your Shadow-Self

Location: Can be done onsite, or at Toby’s workshop space. Online & hybrid also possible.

Format: Can be done as a day or half-day session, or as a series of 4 1-hour modules.

Overview: Our shadow is the hidden part of self that has been repressed & lies hidden but active within our subconscious mind. It has elements in it that are both ‘negative’ & ‘positive’.

In its lower expression, our shadow secretly steals our energy, sabotaging our ability to manifest success, happiness, stability & peace in our mind & life.

Our shadow also contains a ‘bright’ dimension, which is that part of our repressed unconscious that contains our greatest strengths and potential. Working with our bright shadow helps us to awaken this hidden potential, bringing it out into our conscious awareness so that we can develop & use it fully.

This half-day workshop session is an introduction to what the shadow is, as well as how you can begin working with it in meditation & in your daily life in a practical way.

The RESULTS that you can expect to gain from engaging in this workshop are:

  • The ability to self-heal parts of your psyche that are in pain and in need care and attention
  • A greater feeling of overall wholeness and wellbeing
  • More physical, mental and spiritual energy in your daily life
  • Much deeper self-understanding, reduced fear and greater emotional freedom
  • Greater harmony and success in your relationships with other people (because you no longer project your shadow onto them)
  • The inner confidence to manifest that which you want in your life free from self-sabotaging unconscious patterns!

Workshop Structure:

Each of the three hours of the workshop will contain a 15minute meditation, plus a talk and explanation of the concepts and methods involved.

Section 1 – The shadow-self, what it is, how to spot it within you and how to start positively working with it in meditation and in daily life.

Section 2 – The dark side of the shadow; Practical methods for contacting, releasing and re-directing the negative energy of your shadow -self

Section 3 – The bright side of your shadow; Practical methods for seeing, contacting and releasing your hidden potential and abilities that have been pushed into your unconscious. Time for Q&A.

In addition the workshop itself you will also receive:

  • Full MP3 recordings of the workshop meditations and talks
  • Three short (10-15mins) guided shadow meditation recordings for you to use in order to help you integrate shadow work into your own daily practice.
  • A full set of workshop notes detailing the meditations and concepts covered.

For further enquiries: Email, or call 65-96750279

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