Therapeutic mindfulness coaching & course – Re-discovering your effectiveness, resilience, vitality & joie-de-vivre

“How can we re-work our relationship to the past in a way that helps us to see the present & future with clarity, enthusiasm & vision?”

This is a service that Toby offers both as a 1:1 coaching service, & as a group training for organizations

In a sentence: Learn mindfulness techniques that help you to awaken in a more effective, resilient & vital way to your present work, life, & possibilities for the future by resolving unresolved past trauma safely & organically.

In an organizational & team context, this course can be used to help participants recognize & release past-focused psychological issues, leading to greater resilience & effectiveness in the workplace.

Suitable for: Both beginners in mindfulness and more advanced practitioners alike. 

Overview: Meditation & mindfulness can be divided into three types:

  1. As a way of healing past inner wounds & traumas
  2. As a way of building inner strengths & capacities
  3. Awakening to higher levels of awareness

Therapeutic mindfulness focuses on building competency in the first domain; the healing of past unresolved traumas.

Some of the gains/benefits of a strong therapeutic mindfulness practice are:

  • An often-dramatic reduction in our overall fear and anxiety
  • The re-opening of energy/vitality in our body-mind that has been trapped and limited by trauma
  • An overall sense of inner integration and wholeness
  • Confidence in working with difficult & unpleasant emotions & experiences without having to resort to repression, escapism, projection & distraction
  • Improved relationships (we tend to project our wound & traumas into our relationships)
  • Increased authentic compassion & care for ourself and others
  • A particular type of life-wisdom & capacity for presence
  • An increased access to a range of positive emotions & qualities
  • A stable, solid base for any strengths-based mindfulness or personal growth that you may engage in

Do you have past unresolved traumas? Actually, all of us do in one form or another. Simply because we are unaware of it, have never seen a counsellor or had some kind of breakdown does not mean that we do not have any. It just means that it is not visible to us, and that it is not explicitly interfering with our functionality in day-to-day life.

Each Therapeutic Mindfulness session includes

  • Establishing a grounded, balanced inner space within which you can practice therapeutic mindfulness
  • Focusing upon a particular area or domain of your life around which you can identify & work to heal past traumas
  • A section focused on inner strengths-building to enable the therapeutic work to take hold and be sustained over time

As a 1:1 coaching, the sessions can be delivered in a bespoke manner according to the needs of the client

As a group training: The course is designed to be delivered in a flexible manner (Eg: as a modular series, a workshop or a shorter 45-90minute keynote). The domains below are designed to give an overview of the territory.

Session 1: Therapeutic presence: Establishing a secure, resilient context for therapeutic mindfulness practice, & in daily life

Session 2: Positive Acceptance vs resignation, repression vs suppression – Understanding the dynamic of good quality therapeutic mindfulness

Session 3: Distinctions in & context around trauma – Individual trauma, family trauma, group trauma, & introducing your bright shadow

Session 4: Healing our childhood trauma

Session 5: Healing our teenage trauma

Session 6: Healing parental trauma

Session 7: Healing our young-adult trauma

Session 8: Healing relationship trauma

Session 9: Healing emotions 1: Healing anxiety, insecurity & fear

Session 10: Healing emotions 2: Sadness, anger, guilt

In addition to the sessions themselves you will receive: The recordings of each session, as well as links to further articles & reading on each class-subject covered.

For further enquiries: Email, or sms 65-96750279

About the coach, Toby Ouvry:

Toby is a professional coach with over twenty years of experience in the field. His main focus is helping individuals and executive teams create a culture of sustainable high performance. The essential aim is always to combine high level functionality with the long-term wellbeing.

As well as his professional training, he is an Ex-Buddhist Monk within the Tibetan tradition (5 years as a monk, 4 years preparing)

He can combine coaching work with group training and does so regularly for companies  and organizations including, amongst others INSEAD (Running the mindful coaching program for MBA’s, staff & faculty for the last 7 years), Olam OFI, SingLife, Temasek Holdings,  Deloitte, Visa, Thompson Reuters, Ubisoft, Skyscanner, Spotify, Burberry, Aviva, Finexis, Facebook & Google.

His unique approach to coaching combines two main sources:

  1. An Integral and engaged mindfulness methodology that he has developed himself over two decades. This approach to coaching emphasizes enabling  clients to develop a ways of paying attention and being aware that help to build inner strength, resilience and practical intelligence.
  2. Ontological coaching. This is a transformative approach to coaching that has been tried and tested over three decades. It includes a holistic approach to improving performance that includes elements of both language, emotions and somatic/body intelligence. It also includes a deeper dimension of high performance coaching: Rather that looking only at the clients cycle of actions and results, ontology looks closely at the ’Observer self’ that lies behind our actions. By changing the Observer that we are, we change our actions at a deeper level, thus effecting more sustainable, lasting results.

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