Meditations for Connecting to the Green World – An Introduction to the Path of Nature Mysticism

Green Man Tree

One sentence summary: A meditation workshop specifically directed at helping you develop practical experience of the inner dimension of nature and its powers of creativity, beauty, healing and regeneration.

Overview: For thousands of years humans have been communing with nature the forces of nature in order to find meaning and direction in their life. To our ancestors this connection would perhaps have been natural and obvious, but for many of us now living in cities and towns, and surrounded by glass, concrete and steel this connection is all too easy to lose. The practices in the workshop aim to provide creative meditation techniques where you can explore and reconnect to the inner or spiritual dimension of nature. You will be taught methods for:

  • Accessing to the healing energy of nature even when in your own home, and to the subtle dimension of the green world that lies beyond the physical
  • Encountering the deeper, transformative spiritual energies within the Earth both in their masculine, feminine and primal forms
  • Re-defining our experience of life and death
  • Connecting to inner-world guides and contacts within through meditation such as animals, ancestors and faeries (Please note: No Disney connection here!)
  • Discovering an authentic and universal path of inner transformation and awakening that has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years that lies both beyond and within any traditional religious formats

The results you can expect from attending this workshop:

  • An increased flow of life-force in your body
  • The capacity to commune with nature in a living, dynamic, experiential way and to speak its ‘language’
  • The development of your creativity, visualization skills and intuition
  • The healing and awakening of a new and transformative experience of yourself and your world

Workshop structure:

Hour 1: The fundamentals of the Green World Path; Creating your own green world landscape, mandala and healing space

Hour 2: Connecting to and working with deeper archetypal forces within the Green World

Hour 3:  Meditating with animals, faeries and other ‘personable’ forces within nature, building a living working relationship with them

Remaining 30mins: Discussion, Q&A, instructions and advice on how to continue your own Green World path after the end of the workshop.

In addition to the workshop you will receive:

  • Mp3 recordings of the meditations and talks done in the workshop itself
  • Studio recordings of the essential meditation exercises involved to help you keep practising after the workshop
  • Written notes, diagrams and articles relating to the class 

For further details contact: or SMS 65-96750279

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