Mindfulness Master Classes

These 1-2 hour ‘Masterclasses’ can be done  individually, for example as a ‘lunch and learn’, or as part of a conference/retreat, or they can be done as a series of training sessions done over a period of time.

Mindfulness is a form of awareness training that, in today’s hyper busy world, it offers practical and time-effective methods that can help your team:

  • Avoid mental and physical burn out/exhaustion
  • Manage difficult emotions and conflict better
  • Become more effective at work; getting more done with less effort
  • Regulate stress, reducing unnecessary stress, and working to transform unavoidable stress into something useful
  • Sustainably improve personal happiness and wellbeing

In each of the Master Classes below the participants will be guided through practical mindfulness exercises that will help them to achieve the objectives outlined in each write up. The exercises done ‘in session’ are recorded and made available to participants for their own personal use. Additionally, links to relevant articles and written resources are also provided.

Watch Toby talk on mindfulness:


Mindful flow: Building focus and relaxation into your professional and personal life

There are many different types of mindfulness, but all of them have as their foundation what is called the ‘basic mindful flow state’. This consists of a balanced combination of mental focus and relaxation. The objectives of this session are:

  • To teach participants how to develop their own state of mindful flow
  • To give them confidence in applying mindful flow to their work tasks in order to be more professionally effective
  • To apply it to their own body, mind and emotions to reduce stress and create a state of enhanced personal wellbeing


Mindfulness for thriving with anxiety & uncertainty

Anxiety is a natural response to uncertainty and change, but for many of us the experience of anxiety is disturbing, upsetting, draining and stressful. This session focuses on practical ways to change your relationship to anxiety by:

  • Accepting and working with your causes of anxiety
  • Building greater awareness and appreciation of the things that give you stability and security in life
  • Learning to think effectively and wisely around uncertainties and problems that are causing you anxiety
  • Make sure that you are avoiding mental burnout and exhaustion by resting your mind and de-stressing effectively
  • Look after the parts of yourself that are nervous, stressed and anxious
  • Knowing how to experience anxiety with curiosity and excitement rather than fear and neurosis

We will be doing practical mindfulness exercises that you can use in your daily life so as to experience sustainable change and work more effectively and productively in the face of uncertainty.


Coming to your senses – Finding sanity under pressure

When we talk about ‘going mad’ and then ‘returning to sanity’ we use the expression

“I came back to my senses”. The objectives of this session focus upon how you can use awareness of the body and the senses to:

  • Stabilize your thoughts and emotions when under pressure
  • Be more effective when juggling multiple projects and deadlines
  • Find your center and avoid information overwhelm in the internet and smartphone age


Mindfulness & emotional intelligence

This session focuses upon the role that mindfulness can play in increasing our emotional and social intelligence, aiming to equip participants with practical mindful methods to:

  • Deal effectively with emotional stress and anxiety
  • Build stronger and more resilient emotional positivity
  • Increase the participants range of emotional states
  • Harmonize their mind-body connection
  • Avoid emotional burn out


Releasing Limiting Beliefs – Becoming a mindful master of your mind

How can we use mindfulness to manage our thoughts and thinking? And what are the benefits of doing so? This session aims covers practical techniques for:

  • Becoming more mentally positive
  • Building inner calm and stability
  • Reducing mental busyness and overwhelm
  • Dealing more effectively with negative thoughts
  • How to use your mind to become more organised and capable in your work!


Street Mindfulness

Here we look at three ways of applying mindfulness in a streetwise manner to:

  • Increase your overall mental positivity
  • Troubleshoot your daily work challenges more effectively
  • Build and enhance task focus in the key areas of your professional activities


Mindful Presence

Mindfulness emphasizes the benefits of being more ‘in the present moment’. The outcomes of this session focus upon helping participants:

  • Understand why being present is important to being both productive and happy, and how we can benefit from it
  • Why being in the present moment is a such a challenge for us and what to do about it
  • How to balance present moment awareness with thinking better about the past and the future
  • Practical techniques for overcoming distractions & becoming more mindfully present in a way that increases both out work effectiveness and personal wellbeing


Compassionate leadership

This session looks at how to develop a compassionate leadership and self-leadership style that leverages effectively on the potential of compassion and empathy to:

  • Prevent your own pain and suffering from impeding your effectiveness at work
  • Become more understanding of your team and peers, leading to stronger, more dynamic bonds
  • Become more patient and tolerant towards others at work in ways that encourage genuine productivity
  • Promote long term psychological wellbeing


Mindful resilience for professionals

Mental resilience is the capacity to remain actively aware, creatively productive, constantly learning, happy and effective in life and at work, even when faced with pressure, stress and tension both from within our mind and from our external environment. This is an experiential workshop session about how you can develop your mental resilience through practical mindfulness techniques.

The outcomes of the session focus upon:

  • Helping you tap into the different levels of inner resilience that you already have but may not be leveraging effectively upon.
  • Make relaxation a dynamic strength that you can use to combat stress and tension and stay strong under pressure.
  • Creating a habitually resilient, positive inner dialogue with yourself through mindfulness
  • Develop a more creative response to challenges and problems


Improving focus & fulfilment through mindful self-leadership

The best place to learn how lead is within yourself. Do you agree? This session looks at how to enhance personal performance by through the practice of mindful self-leadership:

  • Develop deep confidence in yourself
  • Take benevolent control of you life
  • Work consciously with inhibitions such as fear

The outcomes for participants focused upon in this session are:

  • To feel increasing levels of comfort and confidence in their relationship to themselves, their work and their life
  • Find ways of making use of the challenges that they face by taking responsibility for them and finding effective solutions
  • Learn to communicate with themselves and others in a way that to expresses their deeper values
  • Become an inspiration to others and encourage them to develop their own self-leadership skills


Harnessing the power of stress

This session introduces you and your team to practical methods for transform negative stress and emotion into positive energy through mindfulness. The outcomes focused upon in this session include the capacity to:

  • Understand, control and re-direct fear and anxiety
  • Reduce, release and re-direct tension and stress toward the achievement of practical goals
  • Keep mentally stable and strong when surrounded by hostility or conflict
  • Think positively when surrounded by negative energy
  • Take in and appreciate the positive side of any situation without losing sight of the genuine challenges and difficulties faced
  • Develop a relaxed concentration that can remain focused and productive in the face of distractions


Mindful self-confidence

When we have it, healthy confidence affects all our professional and personal interactions in a tangibly positive manner. What if it were possible to nurture your confidence in a way that it was available to you at will, even under pressure or when you aren’t feeling great? This session teaches specific mindfulness practices designed to make a real difference regarding our levels of everyday confidence and sense of inner wellbeing. The outcomes of this session focus upon:

  • Identifying clearly the feeling of confidence, and where it comes from
  • Developing greater focus, mental stamina and energy
  • Experiencing greater peace of mind
  • Experiencing life as fundamentally creative, enjoyable and playful


Mindful methods for working with your shadow self (for working professionals)

Our shadow is the hidden part of our self that has been repressed & lies hidden but active within our subconscious mind. It has elements in it that are both ‘negative’ & ‘positive’.

In its lower expression, our shadow secretly steals our energy, sabotaging our ability to manifest success, happiness, stability & peace in our mind & life.

Our shadow also contains a ‘bright’ dimension, which is that part of our repressed unconscious that contains our greatest strengths and potential. Working with our bright shadow helps us to awaken this hidden potential, bringing it out into our conscious awareness so that we can develop & use it fully.

This session introduces what the shadow is, as well as how you to begin working with it in practically in daily life. The outcomes of this session focus upon:

  • Developing awareness of hidden parts of your psyche that are inhibiting your professional and personal wellbeing
  • Accessing more physical, emotional and mental energy in your daily life
  • Greater harmony and success in your relationships with other people (because you no longer project your shadow onto them)
  • Enhanced freedom from self-sabotaging unconscious patterns


Mindfulness for marketing and sales professionals

This session focuses upon how mindfulness can be used specifically in the discipline of sales & marketing. Outcomes focused upon are how to:

  • Mindfully listen to and take in the perspective of others, particularly your client or potential customer
  • Using mindfulness to reduce stress & think clearly and creatively regarding engaging your target audience and/or clients
  • How to process emotional and psychological obstacles to effective sales and marketing practice
  • Using mindfulness as a method for increasing your motivation to perform to your highest potential and give the greatest value to your clients and/or the people you serve


Curiosity, Courage and Care – Building Your Gentle Mental Powerhouse

This session explores how to increase your mental creativity, emotional resilience and enjoyment of professional and personal challenges with the three ‘C’s of mindfulness; curiosity, courage and care.

In particular, we will look at practical ways to:

  1. Replacing indifference & jadedness with curiosity
  2. Engaging with courage instead of fear & insecurity
  3. Asserting care instead of intolerance & harshness


Mindful Non-Judgment – Judging Less to Choose Better

If I were less judgmental would I be able to make better choices? This session focuses upon how to mindfully cultivate non-judgmental awareness in order to:

  • Increase your access to inner peace, even amidst stressful and challenging circumstances
  • Notice and release impulsive and unconscious judgments that are getting in the way of your professional performance and personal wellbeing
  • Make better choices in your professional and personal life.


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