Meditations for thriving and energy creation

Location: Can be done onsite, or at Toby’s workshop space

Format: Can be done as a day or half-day session, or as a series of 5-7 1-hour modules. Online & hybrid also possible.

For further enquiries: Email, or sms 65-96750279

Overview: What are states of mind, body and heart that, when we cultivate them open us to more energy, more self-empowerment and more enthusiasm, even when we are living in difficult conditions, like during Covid? This unique and new course by Toby introduces seven different ways of meditating, each of which is designed to create a loop of increasing positive energy inside us. The more we do them, the more empowered we feel. These are way to help you feel increasingly dynamic and joyful, as opposed to oppressed and a victim of circumstance. 

The ‘mindful skillset’ you will develop can be applied equally to your professional or personal life. The course also includes an ‘energy body’ meditation that is designed to enhance all of the positive states that we cultivate in the course.

Each session includes

  • How to meditate on the particular energizing quality
  • How to balance it with its complementary opposite quality
  • How to practically integrate the meditation into your daily activities

Suitable for: Beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. 

Class titles and dates:

Topic 1: Meditating on possibility

Topic 2: Meditating on connection

Topic 3: Meditating on optimism                    

Topic 4: Meditating on trust and integrity

Topic 5: Meditating on kindness                   

Topic 6: Meditating on resilience

Topic 7: Meditating on taking responsibility

About the teacher:  Toby is a meditation teacher, the founder of Integral Meditation Asia. He has been practicing and teaching meditation for over twenty-five years, five of which were as a Buddhist monk within the Tibetan tradition. In his teaching and coaching he combines practical meditation techniques from the world’s great wisdom traditions with the cutting edge practices that are currently emerging from both the integral and evolutionary consciousness movements. You can find out more about the work of Integral Meditation Asia and Toby by going to www.integralmeditationasia and

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