Mindful Resilience for Companies and Organizations

In a sentence: This is an engaged mindfulness program specifically directed at improving the mental resilience of your companies’ leadership, management and employee teams, in order to facilitate both greater work effectiveness and emotional wellbeing.

About the course:

Mindful resilience is the capacity to remain actively aware, creatively productive, constantly learning, happy and effective in life and at work, even when faced with pressure, stress and tension from both within our mind and from our external environment. This is a course that shows you how you can develop your psychological resilience through practical mindfulness techniques.

The program of mindful resilience covers six principal domains:

  1. Understanding the different levels of mindful resilience
  2. Learning to relax into tension and stress
  3. Creating a resilient inner dialogue with yourself
  4. Developing resilience to setbacks and challenges through mindfulness
  5. Understanding and developing different types and levels of focus and concentration
  6. Stillness and space as tools of inner resilience

Each domain covers a specific set of skills necessary for a truly integrated and functional experience of sustainable psychological resilience. For more details of these six aspects of mindful resilience please check our Toby’s article on Mindful Resilience.

Formats that the Mindful Resilience can be presented in:

The Mindful Resilience Program can be presented in a variety of program lengths according to the time available and the requirements of the organization, for example:

  • The shortest “bare bones” presentation is a one hour introduction to mindful resilience  practice
  • A three hour (or 2x90minute) Mindful Resilience workshop or an extended full one day workshop.
  • Alternatively it can be presented as a six week course, with one module of 1-2 hours being presented each week.

Organizations the Mindful Resilience Program is most likely to benefit:

  • Companies and sectors of companies where the environmental demands are dynamic, fast-paced, diverse and changeable.
  • Organizations whose employees are regularly working and living in overtly stressful conditions and environments, for example NGO’s, civil service, emergency services or the police force etc…
  • Educational Institutions wishing to provide students and employees with skills that will increase their mental and emotional balance, creative autonomy and ability to process stress and tension effectively.

In Addition to the Course Itself Participants will be provided with:

  • Handouts articles on the mindful resilience practices taught
  • A set of short MP3 recordings of the basic mindful resilience practices taught in the sessions for easy integration into their own daily life and routine


To discuss the further possibility of bringing mindful resilience to your organization you can contact Toby at info@integralmeditationasia.com or phone 65-96750279

About the facilitator Toby Ouvry

Toby is a British meditation and mindfulness teacher, and the founder of Integral Meditation Asia. He has been practicing and teaching practical forms of mindfulness for over twenty-five years, five of which were as a Buddhist monk within the Tibetan tradition. Click HERE for more details about Toby, his background and qualifications for teaching meditation and mindfulness.

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