Meditations for Activating, Healing and Awakening our Ancestral Karma

Ancestral Banyan TreeIn a sentence: Enrich, deepen & stabilize your inner and outer life by creating a living connection to your close and distant ancestors through meditation.

Overview: In ancient cultures the ancestors were seen as a spiritual guiding force who overlighted, advised, supported and protected us in our life’s journey as an individual, as a family and as a tribe. They also provided a context within which people could evaluate their life and work, as well as reference points for us in our inner growth and quest for enlightenment and inner wholeness.

This workshop explores relevant and living ways in which we can connect to our own ancestral inheritance in a manner that is appropriate for and empowering to our contemporary lives.

In particular the classes will offer practical meditations to:

  • Engage in  a living communion with both our close (recent in time) and ancient (distant in time) ancestors
  • Heal damaged or imbalanced ancestral karma that we may have inherited
  • Awaken fully to the gifts and potentials (spiritual, psychological and material) that our ancestral karma has to offer us

Summary structure of the workshop: Here is a review of the meditations that we will be doing. There will be time in between the meditations for discussion, writing down experiences and receiving guidance and clear instructions from Toby.

  • Meditation 1 – Connecting to our distant ancestors, receiving their gifts and releasing their burdens
  • Meditation 2 – Connecting to our close ancestors; receiving their gifts and releasing their burdens
  • Mediation 3 – Meditating with the two rivers of ancestral karma within us; The rivers of blood and the river of light, connecting to our future ancestors
  • Meditation 4 – Connecting to the three voices of our ancestors, the many, the wise and the one

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