Qi Gong for Improving your Health and Energy Levels and for Self-Healing


Background information on Qi Gong:

One of the most ancient and effective forms of preventative health care in the world today, qi-gong represents a series of invaluable breathing and movement exercises which can help our body and mind keep at peak energy levels in the face of today’s demanding and stressful modern lifestyle and schedules.

Qi-gong is the science of working with the body’s energy field. Literally translated into English it means ‘energy work’, or ‘energy skill’.  In this workshop Toby will be teaching the art of moving subtle energy and life force into and around our body using a series of simple and easy to apply techniques that will enable you to:

  • Re-establish your body’s natural bio-rhythms
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Harmonize your nervous and endocrine systems
  • Invigorate your body tissue and organs with oxygen rich blood and vital energy
  • Clear stagnant energy from your body and help build your inner energy to its optimum health level
  • Balance the energy in your body and mind, leading to inner peace and wellbeing

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Those wishing to find a time tested practice for self-healing and energizing their mind and bodies that is both easy to practice and time effective
  • Those wishing to develop their awareness of subtle energy
  • Those who have specific health issues and are looking for an energy healing practice to add to their healing efforts
  • Those who are currently healthy and who wish to improve their immunity and energy levels
  • Those who wish to learn practices that simultaneously energize the body and relax/de-stress the mind.
  • Experienced meditators who wish to learn about energy meditation as taught within the Qi gong tradition

Outline of the workshop structure:

First section: Introduction to the idea of “qi” or subtle energy. Practical exercises for feeling qi within your own body.

Second section: Learning qi gong exercises and movement forms for building qi within your body.

Third section: Practicing qi gong meditation sitting forms and energy awareness exercises.

Fourth section: Introduction to basic qi gong sitting meditation exercises for circulating healing energy around your body. Final discussion, Q&A, talk on how to create your own daily qi gong practice.

 In addition the class itself you will also receive:

  • Backup notes covering the basic meditation techniques covered in the class
  • MP3 recordings of the Qi gong energy meditations done in the workshop

For further enquiries: Email info@integralmeditationasia.com, or SMS 65-96750279


Testimonials from Toby’s previous qi gong workshops and classes: 

Testimonial 1: “Since I’ve wanted to attend a Qi-Gong class for a while to learn more about what it really is this workshop with Toby was the perfect opportunity to finally do it. I really enjoyed the informative and hands-on workshop and felt relaxed and energized after it. With the easy to follow way Toby explains the things and the great Qi-Gong booklet I already started my Qi-Gong practice that same evening.

Testimonial 2: “Hi Toby, I also wanted to say that I really enjoy your Qi gong classes. They are really calming and energizing at the same time. I have a lot of respect for your huge range of knowledge and thoroughly enjoy learning, exploring and being for that hour each week. In fact it does go on longer as you give so many practical ideas for taking it into a daily life which is something I have also loved about your sessions.”

Testimonial 3: “Some 12 years ago, while I was learning the Tibetan Five Rites, I activated my kundalini. Then, I did know what it was except that it turned my life literally “upside down”.

The energy travelled slowly and reached my neck region last year. For several months the energy stagnated in my neck region and could not get pass the blockage there.  It was uncomfortable and at times, painful for me.

I was wondering what I should do when I saw Toby’s email on the qigong classes that he was starting and I knew that I had to attend.

After only two lessons, I could feel the energy moving upwards again and the blockage dispersing.  After four lessons, I could feel the energy moving beyond my neck and onto my head and face. I was overjoyed and began to enjoy the exercises.

Every morning, I practise the exercises under a tree.  No words can describe the feeling of wellbeing I experienced, doing my exercises accompanied by the soft rustling of the leaves of the tree in the gentle morning breeze and the cheerful calls of the birds.

What I want to say is that although some of us may not be able to feel the effect of the qigong exercises on the energy body, practising the exercises regularly does wonders for the body.  It clears up blockages, opens up the energy channels especially to the vital organs and tones up and strengthens the body.

I never cease to be amazed that such simple exercises can do so much!  So if you are into it, keep it up.  I still practise the exercises on most mornings, under my favourite tree!”

Testimonial 4: “I have been receiving Qi gong coaching from Toby for the past six weeks and I have noticed an almost immediate improvement with my general health and mental well being. I have been battling cancer on and off for the past 21 months and whilst I am now in remission I am still undergoing chemotherapy.  When I first met Toby I was suffering chronic fatigue and I was continually catching colds/flu, etc that is associated with the effects of chemotherapy.  After two weeks of learning the basics of Qi gong I felt a marked improvement of my energy levels and immunity system. Both have improved during subsequent weeks of Qi gong practice to the point where I can now exercise daily and do not require daily naps to get through the day.  Most importantly my mental well being has improved dramatically.  I look forward to continuing to receive Qi gong coaching from Toby to discover the multitude of benefits that Qi gong brings.”

Testimonial 5: “I really enjoyed the qi gong sessions that I attended and gained a lot of valuable insights from them.”


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