Mindful Breathing – Two hour meditation masterclass 

Location: Can be done onsite, or at Toby’s workshop space. Online & hybrid also possible.

Format: A single 2-2.5 hour session

For further information please contact info@integralmeditationasia.com or 65-96750279

In a sentence: Learn a multi-faceted breathing meditation practice that helps you grow and learn in the face of life’s challenges, and connect you to deep inner stability.

Many mindfulness and meditation techniques use the breathing. However, with only superficial understanding meditation on the breathing can easily become stagnant, mechanical and, after a while boring! This masterclass teaches six complementary breathing techniques that will help you:

  • Connect to your body’s natural intelligence and capacity to move towards balance and harmony
  • Release stress and tension on progressively deeper levels
  • Combine relaxation with sustainably higher energy levels
  • Make your life and activities into a ‘flow’ state
  • Develop systematically deeper states of physical, psychological and spiritual concentration
  • Reduce over active thinking and cultivate stillness
  • Cultivate breathing patterns that are conducive to physical health and well-being

The workshop offers a complete set of breathing meditation methods that you can use as your own main meditation practice, or integrate into your existing practice easily.

As well as the workshop itself you will get the recordings of the mindfulness practices that we do, as well as a workbook with articles relating to all the subjects and practices we cover.

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