Finding Simplicity in the Complexity: An Introduction to Meditation From the Perspective of Zen

Tiger on BuddhaIn a sentence: De-clutter your mind, develop concentration and create focused calm in your life by learning Zen meditation

Overview: The Zen School of Meditation arose from a combination of the teachings of the Buddha with the teachings of Taoism in China during the 6th century AD, where it became known as Chan meditation (‘Chan’ meaning ‘quietude’). Later it was adopted by the Japanese, and it is they that called it Zen.

Zen is a particularly appropriate form of meditation for today’s hyper busy and challenging world because:

  • Its approach is simple, direct and non-complex (the antithesis of our complex day to day habitual mind!)
  • Theemphasis is on re-connecting to our ‘original mind’ or ‘beginners mind’, helping us to find relief from the information overload of our daily life, and the cynicism and world weariness that we can feel living in such challenging and world  changing times
  • It is metaphysics-light andcan be practiced by people of all beliefs and backgrounds as the emphasis is upon experiential insight, method and process rather than belief
  • Rather than giving us a set of beliefs that we should ‘accept’ without question, Zen meditation offers usa set of practices that enable us to access and enhance our naturally occurring intelligence, wisdom and compassion!

In this two hour workshop we shall be examining the practical methods of meditation taught by Zen and how we can gain personal experience of inner peace and wellbeing by applying them.

The Structure of the Workshop:

1st Hour –Welcome and practical introduction to Zen walking meditation, followed by Zen sitting meditation practice. Talk, Q&A

2nd Hour – Meditation on the body within the body, talk introducing some fundamental models and concepts regarding Zen Meditation,

3rd Hour – Looking at the story of the origins of Zen, meditation on ‘the Zen flower of life’, Q&A, Talk on integration of Zen meditation into your life after talk, Finnish.

In addition the workshop itself you will also recieve:

  • Full MP3 recordings of the workshop meditations and talks
  • Two short (10-15mins) guided Zen meditation recordings for you to use in order to help you integrate Zen meditation into your own daily practice.
  • A full set of workshop notes detailing the meditations and concepts covered.

For further enquiries: Email or SMS 96750279





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