Zen Meditation Workshop Level 2: Journeying Deeper into the Path of Zen

Zen Level 2 Image 2This workshop is for those who have already done the Introduction to Zen Level 1 workshop and who wish to take their Zen meditation practice a couple of steps further and deeper.

In this workshop we will be meditating on and learning:

  • How the meditating on original story of Zen can give us experiential realizations of the Zen path, and how this can help us to keep light and humorous in our daily life
  • How to work on the deeper levels of present moment awareness though Zen meditation and how this can give us inner stability even in the most trying circumstances.
  • What the different levels and dimensions of existence are in Zen, and how understanding them can put us more ground us more deeply in to our everyday reality.
  • The analogy of host and guest in Zen, and how working with this story and analogy can provide us with a stable daily path to greater personal awakening and enlightenment, or from identifying with  our ordinary thinking to identifying primarily with our enlightened presence

The Structure of the Workshop:

1st Hour –Introduction, Zen Meditation on story and analogy

2nd Hour – Meditating on deeper levels of present moment awareness, talk

3rd Hour – Meditation and talk on the different levels of existence in Zen; the body within the body, the thoughts within the thoughts.

4th Hour – Meditation and talk on the Zen analogy of Host and Guest, Finnish.

There will be time for Q&A as well as appropriate tea and drink breaks.

In addition the workshop itself you will also receive:

  • Full MP3 recordings of the workshop meditations and talks
  • Two short (10-15mins) guided Zen meditation recordings for you to use in order to help you integrate Zen meditation into your own daily practice.
  • A full set of workshop notes detailing the meditations and concepts covered.

Workshop fee:  Sing$105


SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER FOR  ZEN MEDITATION WORKSHOPS LEVELS 1&2; buy both levels 1&2 for Sing$155 (save $15):

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To register or for further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvry.com or SMS 65-96750279

About the Teacher: 

Toby Ouvry is a meditation teacher and the founder of Integral Meditation Asia. He has been practicing and teaching for over seventeen years, including five years as a Buddhist Monk. You can find more out about Toby and his work by going to www.integralmeditationasia.com and   www.tobyouvry.com


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