Mindful Parenting – Practical Techniques for Bringing Awareness, Appreciation and Enjoyment to the Experience of Parenting

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In a sentence: Learn how you can enjoy your experience of parenting more, manage emotions more effectively, and become a better parent by using mindful awareness

Client testimonial: ‘Very valuable exercises to integrate into my parenting practice, I found the workshop very useful, thankyou.’  – Scroll to bottom of page for more testimonials…


  • Are you a stressed out parent (or stressed about becoming one) and looking for ways to manage that stress more effectively?
  • Would you like to improve your capacity to parent in a way that creates an improved experience of the parent-child relationship both for you and your kids?
  • Would you like to be able to demonstrate calm and being present to your children in a way that will help them to become more calm and present themselves?

If so please read on!

This workshop aims to provide you with practical mindfulness tools, exercises and techniques to:

  • Bring greater awareness to how you currently parent your child, and how you can improve it
  • Understand your child’s point of view better, thus increasing your capacity to act in ways that will serve their authentic needs and wellbeing
  • Bring you into deeper awareness of your own emotions, needs and experiences around parenting, learning how to process and express them more appropriately and authentically
  • Manage your irritation, anger and dislike of the challenging behavior of your kids
  • Never lose sight of the enjoyment and preciousness of parenting children even when under duress and going through challenges
  • Combine your parenting experience with greater calmness and peace of mind (rather than greater negative stress!)
  • All in a systematic set of mindfulness exercises that can require as little as 5-10mins a day to practice.

Outline of the workshop structure (Please note this workshop can be done in longer or shorter formats according to the needs of clients):

Hour 1:

  • Opening talk – Introduction to the principles of mindful parenting.
  • Mindfulness exercise 1 – Finding an inner calm space and bringing more awareness to yourself as a parent

Hour 2:

  • Mindfulness exercise 2 – Taking the perspective of the child
  • Mindfulness Exercise 3 – Dealing with challenging emotions as a parent

Hour 3:

  • Mindfulness. exercise 4 – Mindfully bringing enjoyment and appreciation to your experience of parenting
  • Closing talk and discussion, then finally mindfulness exercise 5 – Bringing it all together: The four point mindful parenting exercise.

There will be appropriate breaks, for Q&A, discussion and drinks/tea during the three hours.

Session will also include:

  • A set of MP3 Meditations for your personal practice, as well as the MP3 recordings of the workshop itself
  • A handbook detailing the practices done in the workshop as well as related articles

For further enquiries: email info@tobyouvry.com or SMS 96750279 during office hours

Feedback from Participants: ‘Excellent three hours of knowledge to take away with. Succinct and easy to comprehend. Casual , yet amazing space created by all the participants, held by Toby.’ – D.S

‘I really enjoyed this session and found it very helpful. I often think my parenting ‘problems’ are insurmountable, but the workshop helped bring a new perspective to that’  

‘Great! Presented in manageable, easy to practice nuggets for everyday use’ 

‘Fantastic. Very, very helpful. Has got me interested in attending more sessions with Toby on mindfulness’ 

‘Very good, enjoyed it, very mindful!’ 

‘Really enjoyed it! An interesting approach as it does not take a lot of time to do, but has made me a lot more aware of my emotions’ 

‘Enjoyed it! It was useful to remember my childhood experiences and relate them to my kids’ 

‘Excellent! New ideas such as how we can go back and look at our own childhood to see the perspective of our own children and see their perspectives, very thought provoking!’

‘Some very useful tips to put into practice’  

‘I benefited taking the time to think about these issues which effect my life as a parent’ 

‘Thought provoking, great to look at the parenting process from different perspectives’ 

‘Good to just step back and reflect and value the importance of taking a mindful minute at regular intervals’ 

‘Very valuable exercises to integrate into my parenting practice, I found the workshop very useful, thankyou.’ 

‘A very good workshop, interesting and helpful, thanks Toby!’


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