Psychic & Psychological Self-defence Master class &/or retreat

Location: Can be done onsite, or at Toby’s workshop space. Online & hybrid also possible.

Format: Can be done as a day or half-day session, or as a series of 4 1-hour modules.

For further information please contact or 65-96750279

In a sentence: Learn how you can effectively defend yourself from negative people, energies and places outside of yourself, as well as the fears and problematic emotions that you feel present within yourself using simple & specific mindfulness & meditation techniques.


  • How can I keep myself strong, directed & happy when other people around me are negative, unhappy or even consciously or unconsciously verbally/psychologically attacking me?
  • When I am under stress and can feel my own negativity, anxiety, depression, anger & so on surfacing, how can I defend myself effectively?
  • How can I cultivate awareness of the way environments and places affect my energy & protect myself from unwanted influences?
  • Is it possible to develop my own ‘psychic faculties’ & ‘inner senses’ in a way that is experiential, useful & genuine without having to buy into any form of ‘new age metaphysics’?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above questions, then you will both enjoy & find genuine practical value from this Masterclass and Mini-retreat.

  • The Masterclass will give an overview of psychic self-defence, what it is and how to start practising. It will include practical exercises, not just theory.
  • The Mini-retreat will be a deeper, experiential dive into psychic-self-defence practices

A further outline of the content:

There are four mindfulness meditation practices that, when practiced together provide an integrated psychic self-defence program that you can bring into your life & develop consistently over time:

Practice 1 – Building your personal foundation of psychic positivity, resilience, self-esteem , energy and renewal.

Practice 2 – Building awareness of your own psychic & psychological weak points & vulnerabilities.

Practice 3 – How to practice soft forms of psychic self defence that are more effective & ergonomic than hard forms

Practice 4 – Building your own psychic awareness & inner senses in a sustainable, consistent and experiential way

The Masterclass and Mini-retreat explore these thoroughly in a way that helps you to develop the practical skills you need to become competent at the art of psychic self-defence.

In addition to the sessions themselves:

  • Workbooks & written articles by Toby explaining the PS-D practices clearly
  • Recordings of the full sessions, as well as the individual meditations done live

About the Facilitator

Toby is a meditation teacher, the founder of Integral Meditation Asia. He has been practicing and teaching meditation for over twenty-five years, five of which were as a Buddhist monk within the Tibetan tradition. In his teaching and coaching he combines practical meditation techniques from the world’s great wisdom traditions with the cutting-edge practices that are currently emerging from both the integral and evolutionary consciousness movements. You can find out more about the work of Integral Meditation Asia and Toby by going to www.integralmeditationasia and

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