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This section details the current group of courses being offered at Integral Meditation Asia. They are regularly offered on the public program. All of them involve practical meditation and mindfulness training & practices.

If you are interested in having one of these courses facilitated for your group, company or organization send an massage to or W-App +65 96750279. Course lengths can be tailored to your particular needs:

Mindfulness at Work & Professional strengths building

The Path of Mindful Thriving for Leadership Teams 

Mindful Leadership: Transforming Self and Inspiring Others – Applying mindful leadership to thrive in today’s challenging work environments

Wabi-Sabi mindfulness – The art of creative leadership and self-leadership 

See Toby’s ‘Mindfulness at work‘ page for full details of Toby’s corporate & organizational offerings

Psychological resilience & wellbeing

Meditations for Transforming Negativity and Stress into Energy, Positivity and Enlightenment

Mindful Resilience – Sustaining effectiveness, happiness and clarity under pressure through meditation and mindfulness

Mindful Self Confidence – Developing your self-confidence, self-belief & self-trust through mindfulness and meditation

Therapeutic mindfulness coaching & course – Re-discovering your effectiveness, resilience, vitality & joie-de-vivre

Psychic & Psychological Self-defence masterclass & retreat

The Integral Mindfulness Program for Coaches, Counselors and Therapists – Creating sustainable high performance and deep wellness

Finding Freedom From What Holds You Back in Life: Practical Meditations And Techniques For Working With your Shadow-Self

Mindful Self-Leadership: Take Control of Your Life Direction and Wellbeing Through Awareness, Curiosity, Courage and Care

Meditations for thriving and energy creation 

Meditations for Developing the Language of Your Shadow Self

Mindful Self-Love – Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for Developing a Positive, Enjoyable & Productive Relationship to Yourself

All You Need is Love – An Integral Guide to Bringing Love and Compassion into Your Life Thorough Meditation

Mindful Parenting – Practical Techniques for Bringing Awareness, Appreciation and Enjoyment to the Experience of Parenting

Meditation & mindfulness practice

Get Your Meditation Practice Started Now – The Shortest and Most Time Effective Meditation Workshop Ever

Mindful Breathing – Two hour meditation masterclass 

Meditation and Mindfulness for creating a Mind of Ease, Relaxed Concentration and Positive Intention

Living Life From Your Inner Center – Meditations for Going With the Flow of the Present Moment

Introduction to Integral Meditation & Mindfulness Practice – An eight-week course 

Integral Meditation and Mindfulness: Optimize Your Inner Calm, Strength and Energy – A three hour workshop 

The Way of the Mindful Warrior – Meditating with the Warriors creed

An adventure in Consciousness – The What, Why & How of integral & engaged meditation practice

The Wisdom of Awakening series: Meditations for ‘instant awakening’ and playful wisdom

The ordinary path to enlightenment – Meditating with the Ten Ox Herding pictures

Growing Your Mindful Freedom – The Essential Meditation of the Buddha

Going From Over-whelmed to Over-well: Meditation for Quietening the Mind – a three hour workshop

Finding Simplicity in the Complexity: An Introduction to Meditation From the Perspective of Zen

Health & energy

Breathwork Masterclass & Mini-Retreat– Improve physical immunity, wellbeing and inner peace though deep breathing

Qi Gong for Improving your Health and Energy Levels and for Self-Healing

Meditation and Mindfulness for Self-Healing and Creating High Levels of Energy

Meditations for physical, emotional & environmental health & regeneration – A 7 module course

The Six Healing sounds: Qi gong For Self-Healing and Inner Balance Workshop

An Introduction to Walking Meditation

Perennial & Environmental meditation workshops

An Introduction to meditation from the point of view of Shamanism

Enlightened Flow: Finding the Ultimate Relaxation and Release from Stress

Going Beyond Happiness – Using the Wisdom of Paradox to Find a Deeper Level of Fulfilment and Wellbeing in Your Life 

Meditations for Connecting to the Green World – An Introduction to the Path of Nature Mysticism

The Call of the Wild–Meditations for Deepening Your Inner Connection to the Animal Kingdom and the Green-world

 Meditations for Activating, Healing and Awakening our Ancestral Karma

Mindful Dreaming – Meditation Practices for Integrating Conscious Dreaming into Your Daily Life

For further information please contact or 65-96750279

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