Integrating the Energy of Dynamic Calm Into Your Life – A Four Module Online Meditation Course


watercolortreeOne Sentence Summary: Learn meditation and mindfulness techniques that enable you to cultivate states of deep calm whilst in the midst of  the pressure and busyness of your daily life.

How it Works: This is an online meditation course presented in four modules. Once you have purchased the course you will be sent a link and password to a web page with all of the course content. You can then work your way through the four modules at a page that is convenient for you.

Cost: Sing$9


About the Course

  • Would you like to learn how to find a place of calm, centeredness in all circumstances?
  • Would you like to be able to conserve energy that is currently being taken up in stress and anxiety so that you can use it doing the things that you love and enjoy in your life?
  • Are you interested to bring a quality of calm to your life that is not just a place of stillness and peace, but also a source of strength, resilience and dynamism?
  • Are you interested in developing a meditation practice that is flexible and invites you to explore and develop your own wisdom and insight, rather than being rigid and dogmatic?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, then this is a meditation course for you!

This four module online course teaches practical meditation exercises that show you how to develop four types of calm, each of which has specific benefits and life-applications.

Using awareness, visualization and concentration methods as well as both right and left brain techniques you will learn how to keep calm and centered not just when sitting still in meditation, but also when out in your daily life, in your relationships and when at work.

Class module details:

Module 1: The Calm of Solidity

This first module focuses on how you can develop deep calm through awareness of your body, and through connecting deeply to the elements of earth and solidity within nature. It will show you how to develop a calm that is able to remain solid and stable amidst the ups and downs of life.

Module 2: The Calm of Flow

The second module focuses on developing emotional calm that arises from the ability to let your emotions flow in an open and healthy manner, and working with the water element within nature. Connecting to the calm of flow turn gives you the confidence to direct the natural power inherent within emotion toward positive ends in your life.

Module 3: The Calm of Structure

Module three focuses on the development of mental calm that comes from having a well structured and ordered mind. A well structured mind is like a good plumbing or electrical system in a house; it enables you to access and direct the power of your mind to the task at hand efficiently, without ‘leaking’ energy.

Module 4: The Calm of No-mind

The final module focuses on the development of spiritual or existential calm that comes from developing the ability to suspend your thoughts and rest in the inner space that lies beyond them. Resting in the space of no-mind or no-thoughts gives access to deep calm even when in the midst of mental, emotional and physical turmoil, and facilitates the development of the trans-rational powers of mind that lie beyond the intellect.

For further information please contact or SMS 65-96750279

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