Three Types of Calm

Mountain, River, MeadowThis week I collaborated with two colleagues to do an hours’ mindfulness presentation at the Microsoft Singapore office; my presentation was focusing on the power of calm.

I talked about three types of calm:

  • Mountain like calm, or the type of calmness that is solid and immovable
  • River like calm, or the type of calm that is flowing and flexible
  • Sky like calm, or the type of calm that is open and spacious

You can have a listen to the visualization exercise that I led at the presentation that connects us to the feeling of these three types of calm by clicking below:

Meditation @ Microsoft on 3 types of calm

(To listen online right click and select “open in new tab”, to download right click and select “save as”)

Enjoy listening!

To read the article relating to this practice on my meditation blog, click here: What is the Quality of Your Calm?

With all best wishes for your meditation practice,



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