States Of Mind That Create Energy For You & Your Team

“What are the states of mind that, when you focus of them give rise to greater access to energy, and make you pre-disposed to affirmative action-taking?”


Dear Integral Mindfulness practitioners, 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been developing mindfulness methods that help create energy and resilience for the clients that I work with.
In the message below I’m listing six sessions that can be delivered individually or as a unit, that will help you and your team stay strong however long the pandemic lasts. Actually the skills that you learn in these sessions are perennial, once the pandemic is finished you’ll continue to find them useful in whatever professional life circumstances you are in.
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Finally, a reminder of my upcoming public workshop: Saturday 26th June, 2-5.30pm – Wabi-Sabi mindfulness – The art of creative leadership and self-leadership workshop

In the spirit of deeper energy resources,



“Mindfulness for Thriving and Energy Creation Amidst Covid”

What are states of mind, body and heart that, when we cultivate them open us to more energy, more self-empowerment and more enthusiasm, even when we are living in difficult conditions, like during Covid? This unique and new course by Toby introduces seven different ways of meditating, each of which is designed to create a loop of increasing positive energy inside us. The more we do them, the more empowered we feel. These are way to help you feel increasingly dynamic and joyful, as opposed to oppressed and a victim of circumstance.
The ‘mindful skillset’ you will develop can be applied equally to your professional or personal life.

Each session includes

  • Some simple physical mobility movement forms to refresh and circulate energy in the body
  • How to meditate on the particular energizing quality
  • How to balance it with its complementary opposite quality
  • How to practically integrate the meditation into your daily activities

Suitable for: Beginners and more advanced practitioners alike.

Session Titles:

Session 1: Meditating on possibility
Possibility is a state of opening with enthusiasm to what could be. It contrasts with the habitual state of ‘shut-down’ and anxiety we feel when faced with future uncertainty. When we build a state of openness to possibility in meditation, we can make it part of our approach to daily life. Our world becomes a place of creative abundance and wealth. Our open-ness to possibility becomes a source of energy for us, feeding us as we move into the unknown.
This session is a series of mindfulness exercises to help us open to the state of possibility in a way that positively impacts our professional and personal life.

Session 2: Meditating on connection
Instinctively as humans we feel strengthened and energized by a sense of community and connection. This session focuses on four ways that you can mindfully cultivate a state of connection and the benefits that it brings:

  • Being comfortable in your connection to yourself
  • Opening to the support available from connection to other people
  • Feeling connected to the balancing energy of nature
  • Cultivating a sense of ‘Independent interdependence’

Session 3: Mindful optimism
If you recall the last time you felt optimistic, it becomes fairly obvious why it’s a major energizer. There is a brightness and solar quality to optimism that makes us feel that the world we are living in is a place where good things can happen, and we don’t need to over- control things in order for them to work out well and appropriately. Once we start to cultivate optimism, we discover that, often as not it’s just as easy to cultivate as pessimism, and much more fun.

Session 4: Meditating on trust and integrity
If you practice basic integrity, which is to say you think and act on accordance with your Core values, then you will both feel good about yourself, and you will trust yourself. If you trust yourself, then when you are under pressure, you will tend to trust your mind, your perception and ability to assess things well. This in turn means energy can flow easily in a relaxed manner through you, even when a lot is being asked of you. This is a session on how to cultivate mindful integrity and trust within yourself.

Session 5: Meditating on kindness
If for a short time you sit in your own company, and gently extend the energy of care and kindness toward yourself and your body, you will quite quickly start to notice a restorative and regenerative feeling arising within you. Similarly, when there is a reciprocal exchange of kindness and consideration between yourself and others, the feeling created opens your body mind and heart to a new level of energy. This session focuses on how to ensure, particularly when you are feeling tired and under stress, to generate and sustain the presence of kindness in your energy system.

Session 6: Meditating on taking responsibility
To be self-responsible is to grasp firmly that we are the person who is primarily responsible for fulfilling our destiny, and dealing with our problems and setbacks. Accepting that “no-one is here to save me” focuses our energy upon the challenge at hand, and creates a single-pointedness in our energy that is empowering and energizing. This session focuses on mindful techniques for taking responsibility in your daily tasks and life.

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