Welcome to Integral Meditation Asia!

Waterfall, sun, birds, treeIntegral Meditation Asia aims to provide a space where you can come and learn about meditation and mindfulness in an integrated way.

Integrated means:

  • Meditation and mindfulness practice that is a sound integration of both ancient spiritual wisdom and contemporary  knowledge
  • Training that caters for beginners but that offers more advanced training
  • Includes methods for developing your body, mind and spirit in a mutually supporting manner
  • Includes both rational and intuitive/creative (or right and left brain)ways of practicing mindfulness
  • Provides truly effective methods for meeting the challenges of our current  fast paced and changeable  lifestyles

There are 5 ways that you can participate in the IMA learning experience:

  1. Receive the Free Integral Meditations E-Newsletter: You can sign up to receive the Free IMA newsletter. Each week IMA’s founder, Toby Ouvry writes articles and posts meditation recordings. You can receive these directly into your inbox for free! You can check past articles on Toby’s meditation blog here. Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook.
  2. Attend a course: You can attend one of Integral Meditation Asia’s workshops, either in person if you are in Singapore, or online if you live elsewhere. Click here to check out the latest courses at Integral Meditation Asia!
  3. 1:1 Coaching: IMA’s Founder Toby Ouvry offers several 1:1 meditation and mindfulness coaching sessions for people who want personally tailored solutions to the challenges that they face in their lives, or who really want to take their meditation practice to the next level. Click here to read about Toby’s sessions and here to read testimonials from those who have done coaching already.
  4. Group and corporate training: Finally, IMA offers mindfulness and stress transformation workshops and seminars to companies and organizations who want to combine improving the performance of their employees whilst also improving their wellbeing and level of happiness.
  5. Finally, Integral Meditation Asia is very happy to be an affiliate for I-Awake , which is a cutting edge sound technology company which specializes in products for enhancing your meditation practice. You can get to know about their products HERE.

Enjoy your browsing and we look forward to being of service to you! For any further enquiries please contact info@integralmeditationasia.com


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