Wabi-Sabi Mindful Leadership – Thriving Amidst The Imperfection

“Work creatively, appreciatively  with impermanence, imperfection & uncertainty in a way that invites curiosity & excitement (rather than debilitating anxiety)”

Dear Integrated mindfulness enthusiasts,

We’re living in a broken and imperfect world; messy, inconvenient and changeable. There is an artistic philosophy called Wabi-Sabi, which focuses on how to thrive and take advantage of this. It shows us how we can achieve excellence and beauty amidst the imperfection.

As someone who was originally trained as an artist, I’ve become compelled by how the aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi can help my clients in my current field; mindfulness and mindful leadership.
My Wabi-Sabi workshop can be done live-in-person or online, its a perfect way for groups and teams to get a fresh perspective on leadership and self-leadership, in combination with a bunch of practically applicable methods.

You can read more about the upcoming public workshop below, and read my article on the subject.

In the spirit of finding excellence in the mess,


Saturday 26th June, 2-5.30pm – Wabi-Sabi mindfulness – The art of creative leadership and self-leadership workshop

In a sentence: Learn how to work creatively with uncertainty, imperfection and life’s inherent messiness to realize your leadership and self-leadership potential.  Manage stress and anxiety better using mindfulness in combination with the practical philosophy of Wabi-Sabi…..read full write up

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Originally ‘Wabi-sabi’ is a type of Japanese aesthetic found in the arts and crafts, specifically in ceramic and home decoration. It works with an appreciation of the way in which impermanence, imperfection and decay affect everyday objects, and our life.
‘Wabi-sabi mindfulness’ is a particular approach to self-leadership that I have developed. It has has five main elements…read full article

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