Lessons from the Monastery to Contemporary Business

Dear All,

Please find below a recording of a talk that I gave last Wednesday at the Mindfulness  Networking Group that I am fortunate to be a member of . Its a 18 minute or so long and in it I reflect upon lessons from my own experience of life as a monk that I think would be of value to contemporary business.

The original title of the talk was: “Lessons Learnt in the Monastery that Businesses would love to know (and also those that they would not love to know but need to know!)” I look at the subject:

  • Firstly from the perspective of the creation of the monastic orders by the Buddha in 600 or so BC as an act of deep social and cultural innovation
  • Then secondly from the perspective of how the practices of mindfulness and meditation practiced in monastic communities has a very relevant developmental role to play in helping to create both healthy business communities and leaders

There is a little bit of background noise as we are in a cafe, but it is still basically audible, just click the text below to listen:

Lessons from the Monastery to Modern Businesses


Yours integrally,



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