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Door Eyes ChileWhat would it be like to lead yourself through the journey of your life with engaged curiosity, courage and care?

Welcome to the world of Mindful Self Leadership!

To listen to Toby talking about the practice of mindful Self-Leadership entitled  “Mindful Self-leadership, a contemporary paradigm for conscious integrated personal growth and wellbeing”. Click on the link below (or right click to download to your computer):

Mindful Self-Leadership Preview Talk 04.05.14
About the Talk: Mindful Self-Leadership is a new paradigm for personal growth and wellbeing that brings together both the western and eastern traditions of mindful living and self-awareness.

Mindful Self-Leadership  is designed to help to facilitate the growth of our capacity to meet the demands of today’s fast paced and demanding circumstances in a creative, dynamic and aware way that enables us to access and fulfill our own deepest needs and aspirations in life, whilst simultaneously encouraging others to do so through our example and actions.

This free preview talk covers the fundamental practices of Mindful Self-Leadership which are contained within the “Five Selves”:

  • Self awareness
  • Self acceptance
  • Self responsibility
  • Self assertion
  • Self transcendence

All of which are designed to lead to excellence in the of the sixth self; Self-Leadership

Come and join Toby Ouvry, the creator of Mindful Self-Leadership for a free introduction to the practice of Mindful Self-Leadership, and discover the potential that you have within you to become the mindful leader of your own life!

To register your place please email info@integralmeditationasia.com or SMS 96750279

For full information on the Upcoming Mindful Self-Leadership Course, click here: Mindful Self-Leadership Courses

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