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We live in a world where the interface between mindfulness and technology is getting more and more interesting. The meditation technology that I have been most interested in over the last few years is binural beats and biofield technology. The products I use the most in this regard are from I-awake technologies, you can read my own personal introduction and reflection on them here on the Integral Meditation Asia website.

They have a new product out – “Reasonance: Sound Medicine to Harmonize Your Physical and Energetic Bodies”. I’ve placed the details below, If you click on the link there is also a free sample track that you can have a listen to. I’ve been listening to it for the last few days both as meditation background and for help to focus whilst working, and have been enjoying it very much! It is on a 20% discount launch offer until 28th June,

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Introducing Reasonance: Sound Medicine to Harmonize Your Physical and Energetic Bodies

Reasonance is the latest evolutionary, and revolutionary audio offering from iAwake Technologies. It was created by iAwake’s CTO Javi Otero, based on decades of work by Lynnclaire Dennis and her team at Mereon Solutions International. The Mereon Matrix is a primary, fractal geometric pattern found in nature that reproduces indefinitely, or infinitely, and creates larger patterns of great beauty and complexity. When these patterns are mathematically transformed into audio waves, they produce sounds of great power and resonance that can be used as personal transformation tools.

There are three tracks included in this offering: one 11-minute track is designed to be used with headphones, another 11-minute track to be played over audio speakers for an even more powerful somatic resonance experience or to enhance group meditations, yoga classes, and healing sessions, and the third highly immersive 33-minute track is suitable for both headphones and speakers.

Here are some of the testimonials from iAwake’s alpha and beta testers.

“This felt like a turbo boost for my brain. I quickly went into a profoundly altered state, where I experienced a sense of balanced centeredness and a greater connection with people and nature.” –MH

“Reasonance induces a potent witness consciousness state, in a gradation I have never encountered during my meditation or otherwise. A heightening of focus and reduction of distraction impulse as well as an amazing boost in creative welling up of imagery for artistic work. It’s unlike any other entrainment out there; it shifts the state of consciousness in a really unique way. ‘Go deeper than you ever thought possible into the ever present Witness!'” –SM

“Sometimes I felt like I wanted to play it again to keep releasing stuff. It helped put me in flow states and helped me take my nap in under 11 minutes and feel refreshed and ready for flow productivity. This is the most powerful product you have and only lasts for 11 minutes. Great!”–RIE

“One of the most profound entrainment tracks I’ve ever used. The sonic space is very enveloping and my experience was blissfully magical–almost beyond timelessness. I’ve never had such a silent trance experience. I can only describe it as ancient vastness and a sense of the veil having been lifted. Very intriguing effect… This may very well be my favorite track from iAwake thus far.” –SC

“My thoughts became very still, effortlessly. There was a drawing down into a center place almost immediately (within seconds) of listening to the track (particularly via headphones). It felt like a whole body listening as opposed to a head-based listening.”–KM

“It brings me inside myself, into my heart. The energy is intense, and my body responds to it as an energy healer. I wake up truly rested, calm, focused, and feel really happy and joyful. I’m planning to experiment using the frequencies in my energy field therapy work.”–LK

“A beautiful and peaceful experience that physically felt very healing. I think this is revolutionary and can’t wait to see the effect in the weeks and months ahead.”–Lorrie

Check out Resonance,  iAwake’s latest in fractal entrainment.


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