Exploring your hidden maps of consciousness –mindfulness meditation for growing up

In a sentence: Combine all the benefits of a conventional mindfulness practice with the progressive inner growth & transformation of developmental psychology.

Suitable for: Beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. May be of particular interest to those interested in psychology, coaching, philosophy, & how to combine these disciplines with a living, dynamic meditation practice.

This is a 9-session meditation course

It is both a Live-in-person & Livestream/online course

Start dateThe course starts on Tuesday/Wednesday evening 9/10th April 2024, 7.30-8.30pm Singapore time.

Location: There are two chances to engage in this course each week

Tuesdays at ONE Heart, 167, Geylang Road, S38924

Tuesday Online participation link: https://zoom.us/j/555319558

Wednesdays at Basic Essence, 501 Bukit Timah Road #04-04 Cluny Court Singapore 259760

Wednesday online participation linkhttps://zoom.us/j/609271461

Overview: This course is a practical introduction to a mindfulness meditation practice combining the ancient practice of mindfulness-meditation with the recent (last 100 years) ‘Maps of consciousness’ discovered by developmental psychology. It shows you how to put these two together in a way that supercharges your inner growth in an integrative & balanced way.

Each session includes:

  • A knowledge piece about a particular developmental level
  • How to identify it within yourself
  • Practising mindfulness-meditation to process, integrate & transcend this aspect of self  

What is mindfulness meditation?

“Mindfulness meditation is a form of body-mind training that has been shown to dramatically reduce stress, increase feeling of calm, relaxation & harmony; decrease feelings of anxiety & depression; reduce the discomfort of pain; lower blood pressure; increase learning capacity, IQ & creativity; & awaken higher states of consciousness, sometimes called the father reaches of human nature. It is like a steroid for human activities in general, from the ordinary mundane to the enlightened spiritual. This powerful practice goes back at least 2,500 years, & humanity has continued to use it simple because it works” – Ken Wilber, Integral Meditation page 5 (Summary of research & sources)

And developmental psychology?

DP is an aspect of psychology that observes how human beings develop or grow through various stages as they mature. This happens not just during childhood, but (ideally) continues thru-out our lives, as we garner life experience and use it to progress in our perspective-taking, our wisdom, insight, and capacity to care. There has been research by many psychologists in this field ( Eg: Claire Graves, Don Beck, Jane Loevinger, Susanne Cook-Greuter & Ken Wilber), but, put together they outline a universal progress of 6-8 developmental stages that constitute an ‘inner map’ of human potential that we can use as a guide to progressive inner growth.

This course gives you 8-9 practices that you can use to both stimulate and track your own experiential journey through these maps of consciousness.


9th/10th – Class 1: Getting the ball rolling – How to start practising integral & developmental mindfulness meditation

16th/17th – Class 2: Survival, instinct, appetites – Meditating with your archaic self

23rd/24th – Class 3: Safety, gratification superstition, egocentricity – Meditating with your magical self

30th/1st (May) – Class 4: Belongingness, obedience, approval, ethnocentricity – Meditating with your mythical self


7th/8th – Class 5: Achievement, success, individualism, world centricity – Meditating with your modern, rational self

14th/15th – Class 6: Community, equality, pluralism, care – Meditating with your post-modern self 

21st/22nd: Wesak meditation

28th/29th – Class 7:  Wholeness, interconnection, synergy – Meditating with your Integral self


4th/5th – Class 8: Integrating different levels of your developmental selves

11th/12th – Class 9: Working on transcending & including

Watch Toby talking about the course:

Cost: SGD$300 for the full series (9 classes plus 1 seasonal class, Wesak Meditation on the 21st/22nd May) or $35 per individual class

You can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or click HEREto make payment via PayPal for the whole course.

To register or for further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvry.com, or sms 65-96750279

About the Facilitator Toby Ouvry: Originally trained as an artist, specializing in ceramic sculpture, Toby subsequently embarked on a mindfulness and meditation odyssey that included five years as a Buddhist Monk. He is the facilitator of the Mindfulness program at INSEAD, and the founder of his own training company Integral Meditation Asia. He has over 23 years of experience in teaching mindfulness & meditation to people of all backgrounds, specializing in teaching sustainable high-performance practices to help people thrive in their everyday lives. You can read more about Toby here.

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