Shadow Self Coaching with Toby – Finding Freedom From What Holds You Back in Life

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Develop the inner confidence to manifest that which you want in your life free from self-sabotaging unconscious patterns?
  • Access greater feeling of overall wholeness and wellbeing?
  • Find much deeper self-understanding, reduced fear and greater emotional freedom?
  •  Experience greater harmony and success in your relationships with other people (because you no longer project your shadow onto them)?
  • Get to the bottom of personal challenges that you have been having that seem to be holding you back, but that you cannot clearly seem to identify the cause of?
  • Develop the capacity to self –heal parts of your psyche that are in pain and need care and attention?

Shadow Coaching  will help you to:

  • Learn what the shadow-self is, how to spot your personal shadow self and how to start positively working with your own shadow self in daily life.
  • Identify and process the dark side of the shadow; Practical methods for contacting, releasing and re-directing the negative energy of your shadow –self
  • Identify the bright side of your shadow, and release your hidden potential and abilities that have been pushed into your unconscious.

What is the Shadow Self?

Our shadow-self is that part of our mind and energy that we have repressed and that lies hidden but active within our subconscious mind. It can drain our energy and sabotage our ability to manifest success, happiness, stability and peace in our life.

Shadow coaching shows you how to spot your shadow self. It offers practical and accessible methods for helping to release the energy within you that has been trapped in your shadow self, so that you can live your life at its fullest, deepest potential.

Our shadow self also contains what is sometimes called our ‘golden shadow’, which is that part of our repressed unconscious that contains our greatest strengths and potential. Working with our golden shadow helps us to awaken this hidden potential, and bring it out into our conscious awareness so that we can develop it fully in our life.

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Client Testimonials for Toby’s Shadow coaching:

Sample Testimonial 1: “The lovely, simple techniques you shared have enabled me to be honest with, and about, myself in such a way that is really liberating. I’ve been surprised at how quickly I’ve experienced the benefits….  I love the honesty and practicality of this process and the fact that it’s leading me towards a better understanding and acceptance of myself and ultimately (I hope) to tapping into my full creative potential – in whatever form that may take.”

Q: Would you recommend coaching with Toby to other people, and for what reason?

“Yes, definitely. You created a safe, supportive environment, were willing to share your own personal experiences, were able to listen and tune into what I was struggling to articulate. I felt like you allowed the sessions to take the form they needed to take rather than sticking to a pre-set formula, which was really helpful because it gave me the opportunity to share and ask questions without feeling that I was scuppering an agenda. The fact that you record the sessions is very helpful.”

Sample Testimonial 2: “With his recommendation I  began using Toby’s classes on “Working with the different sides of the shadow “ and reading about Transactional Analysis, I felt so many puzzle pieces falling into place helping me to accept and understand myself.

Although I felt I was making good progress, I continued to experience a sensation of fear in my stomach and repeatedly experienced an irrational flow of tears this is when I made an appointment with Toby for coaching work.

Toby has a depth of timelessness in combination with common sense and reality he has helped me in identifying core aspects and behaviour in a supportive role.

Through meditations,and techniques I have been given for accepting, allowing, and releasing my uncalled for tears have ceased and the sensation of fear has nearly disappeared.

This new beginning has filled me with hope to continue on my journey.” – JM, Shadow coaching client

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Watch Toby talking about working with your shadow:

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