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Autumn Leaves pathwayToby Is a professional coach with over fifteen years of experience in the field. His main focus is helping individuals and executive teams create a culture of sustainable high performance. The essential aim is always to combine high level functionality with the long-term wellbeing.

He can combine coaching work with group training and does so regularly for companies  and organisations including, amongst others INSEAD, Olam OFI, SingLife, Temasek Holdings, Visa, Thompson Reuters, Ubisoft, Skyscanner, Spotify, Burberry, Aviva, Finexis and ABN Amro.

His unique approach to coaching combines two main sources:

  1. An Integral and engaged mindfulness methodology that he has developed himself over two decades. This approach to coaching emphasizes enabling  clients to develop a ways of paying attention and being aware that help to build inner strength, resilience and practical intelligence.
  2. Ontological coaching. This is a transformative approach to coaching that has been tried and tested over three decades. It includes a holistic approach to improving performance that includes elements of both language, emotions and somatic/body intelligence. It also includes a deeper dimension of high performance coaching: Rather that looking only at the clients cycle of actions and results, ontology looks closely at the ’Observer self’ that lies behind our actions. By changing the Observer that we are, we change our actions at a deeper level, thus effecting more sustainable, lasting results.

To explore the possibility of  coaching with Toby and to find out more about the Integral Meditation Asia coaching programs options  please contact 65-96750279 or email to info@tobyouvry.com

Client Testimonial:

 “I engaged Toby’s assistance during a very stressful period in my life.  I found myself feeling constantly exhausted and low, and despite all my efforts I was unable to shift myself out of this state until I engaged Toby. Toby provided guidance on many levels.  His profound philosophical insight and intuitive words of counsel helped me to view my situation in a new light and subsequently see an alternative path around what had been impasse.  Toby also taught me meditation techniques that helped me achieve an inner peace and calm I have never felt before. I regularly draw upon Toby’s words of counsel and mediation techniques during not only during times of stress but also as part of my daily routine to maintain physical and mental equilibrium.  I think very highly of Toby as a counsellor and mentor and regularly recommend him to my clients.” 

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Toby also offers particular types of coaching tailored for particular personal purposes. Click below for details.

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Stress transformation coaching

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Qi gong coaching and healing sessions

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