The Way of Energy: Qi gong foundation course & Program for coaches and trainers

Dates: Weekend 1: Friday, Sat, Sunday 7,8,9th February.

Weekend 2: Friday, Sat, Sunday 21,22,23rd February.

Location: One Heart, ONE Heart, 37 Tembeling Road 

Singapore 423580 (Click HERE for map

Introduction: This is a two-part Qi gong training over two weekends. The first weekend offers a practical introduction to Qi gong for those who want to understand the principles and develop their own practice. The second weekend offers a series of simple practices for coaches, trainers and therapists that they can use with their clients to help them to build energy and wellbeing. You can participate in both weekends, or just the first weekend if you wish.

Qi gong: The way of energy

For millenia the art of Qi gong has been helping people answer the following questions:

  • How can I create more energy within myself?
  • How can I use the energy that I have more effectively?
  • How can I direct the energy within me in a way the produces sustainable, dynamic physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?

This is a course that teaches you the practical principles of Qi gong, so that you can apply them to your own life in a way that enables you to thrive energetically even when faced with challenges, difficulties and obstacles.

Listen to Toby talking about the course

Weekend 1: Qi gong foundations

The first weekend explains the principles of Qi gong philosophy, breathing, movement, standing and mental focus/meditation. It will teach you how to plug in to the energy of the Planet, and circulate it though your body easily and effectively. You will learn a series of practices that can be done as a short sequence (5-10mins) or as a longer sequence (30-60mins) that you can integrate into your daily routine and enjoy a lifetime of energetic benefits.

Timings: Friday 7th Feb, 7.30-9pm, Saturday 8th Feb: 10am-5pm, Sunday 9th Feb: 10am-5pm.

Weekend 2: Qi gong practices for coaches, trainers, therapists

This second weekend teaches a series of 12-18 discrete Qi gong practices and meditations. These can easily be passed on as ‘stand-alone’ practices by coaches and trainers to their clients to help them improve their energy levels, reduce stress and promote resilience.

Timings: Friday 21st February, 7.30-9pm, Saturday 22nd Feb: 10am-5pm, Sunday 23rd Feb: 10am-5pm.

About the course teacher: Toby Ouvry is a coach and mindfulness trainer with over 25 years’ worth of Qi gong practice and experience. You can read more about him and his background HERE.

Cost of the course:

For weekend 1 “Qi gong foundations”: Sing$600

For weekend 2: “Qi gong practices for coaches, trainers, therapists”: Sing$600

For both weekends 1&2: $1050

Early Bird offer: Up until January 10th, get 15% off!

Payment: You can make payment via PayNow on +65 96750279 or alternatively via bank transfer.


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