The Power of Presence – Mindfulness for managing conflict in your relationships and accessing your inner power

Time and date: Saturday 2nd June, 9.30-11.30am

Location: ONE Heart, 37 Tembeling Road
Singapore 423580 (Click HERE for map)

Do you have a strategy for dealing with conflict in your relationships, difficult people, and difficult conversations? What about the conflict that you feel in your relationship to yourself and your own aggression?

This practical session by Toby focuses upon how you can use mindfulness to deal with conflict and aggression in both your professional and personal life. You will learn mindful ways to:

  • Hold your space with people who are being aggressive or bullying with you
  • Chanel your own aggression into positive power and clear communication
  • Maximize the chances of a positive dialogue and outcome in strained conditions

In short you will learn how to feel at home in situations of conflict, and make a positive, constructive friend of your own anger and aggression!

Session includes workshop notes with articles on all the practices done, and MP3 recordings of the meditations done, so that you can continue to listen to them in your own time.

Cost of session: SGD$110


For more information or to book contact or SMS +65 96750279


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