Shamanic Mandala Meditation

Time & Date: Saturday 22nd September, 10.30am-5pm

Location: ONE Heart, 37 Tambeling Road, Singapore 423580 (Click HERE for map)

PLEASE NOTE: Each workshop is open to 8persons only, so if you are interested please register sooner rather than later.

Shamanic mandala meditation is a profound and fun way to explore your own inner universe, build the power of your inner senses and access a whole new dimension of experiential and intuitive knowing. In this workshop you will be shown how to create your own personal shamanic mandala which you can use to find your own sources of healing, wisdom, and inner sustenance. You will learn:

  • How to discover your own shamanic mandala or universe
  • How to access the spiritual powers of the four elements, four directions, four seasons and four stage of life through this mandala, as well as their associated inner world guides & animal familiars.
  • How to do shamanic journeying meditation within your mandala, and how to have confidence doing it on your own after the workshop has ended.

You will also be making an art-work drawing of your Shamanic mandala that you can take away with you and use as a ‘map’ for future meditations and journeys.

In addition to the workshop itself you will receive:

  • A workbook with extensive notes and articles covering the meditations and practices in the workbook
  • MP3 Recordings of the meditations done in the workshop for you to revisit in your own time

Cost: $240

Click HERE to make payment for the Shamanic Meditation WS by PayPal, or you can use PayNow on +65 96750279

For further enquiries or to book your place contact:  Email, or sms 65-96750279

About the Facilitator

Toby Ouvry has been a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and teacher for over 20 years. His experiential background in Shamanism lies primarily within the Celtic and Druidic traditions of his native country Britain. This workshop is designed for the participants to connect to Shamanism in a way that is congruent with their own land of origin and cultural background. You can find out more about Toby here.


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