The Men’s Group – The path of conscious manhood


How can you move from coping to thriving in your life as a man?

Much is asked of men in their traditional roles as fathers and sons, partners and husbands, students and teachers, employees and employers. The men’s group is a professionally moderated and confidential forum for men. A forum is a safe place for exploring, learning and sharing the successful perspectives, skills, and strategies needed to address and manage the unique issues, problems, and triumphs in our community.

Start date: This is a six-session weekly program starting Monday, March 23rd.

The course addresses each topic experiential way, and includes mindful practices that you can take away and practice in your daily life


Session 1 (23 March) 6.30-8pm – Fathers & sons: As sons, we are modelled around our father, as a father we will be the role model for our sons. How can we step into this dynamic in a conscious and empowered way?

Session 2 (30 March 30th) 6.30-8pm – Mothers, daughters, partners: What’s the relationship of the partners we have chosen to our mothers? What is the legacy of our mother in our life? What gift do we hope to offer the daughters or young women in our life as men?

Session 3 (6 April) 6.30-8pm – Working with man anxiety and being open: What sorts of anxiety do men suffer from in particular? And what ways of being more open about it might ease the pain and confusion of that anxiety?

April 13th session break, Easter.

Session 4 (20 April) 6.30-8pm – Deep strengthThe compassionate male: Most men understand the conventional image of the strong, iron-man male. But what if we considered another paradigm that gave even more strength; the compassionate, generous male?

Session 5 (27 April) 6.30-8pm – Cultivating genuine masculine confidence: How can we drop the mask that we put up to protect ourself from the world and replace it with genuine confidence?

Session 6 (4 May) 6.30-8pm – Becoming the hero of our own story: What can we do to enter fully and viscerally into our life as men? And what is left of heroism in a post-modern, information, me-too age?

Venue: Premium Suite 4 (Level 21), Core Collective Anson, 79 Anson Road, #21–01, #22-01, Singapore 079906

Program Facilitator: Toby Ouvry Previously a Buddhist monk and meditation and mindfulness teacher and trainer with over 25 years’ experience in the field. He is a father, entrepreneur and business owner whose task it will be to lead participants in their quest to navigate their own man’s journey!

For further details, or to book your place please contact:, or text to +65 96750279.

The program fee:

For all six sessions: SGD$720

For four sessions: SGD$480

If you take the four-session option, there is the option to top up to 5/6 sessions if you wish later in the program.

You can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or alternatively via bank transfer.



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