Monthly new moon, new beginnings visualization and envisioning sessions

Location: The classes are currently ONLINE

Times & Dates: Saturday 23rd May 6-7pm, Tuesday 26th May 7.30-8.30pm, Wednesday 27th May  7.30-8.3pm

About the meditation sessions

These are meditation classes done monthly around the turn of the new moon that enable us to open to new beginnings, new possibilities and make a fresh start with regard to:

  • Our health
  • Our inner growth
  • Our relationships
  • And our life’s purpose and future goals

Saturday 23rd May 6-7pmVisualization & envisioning for physical & spiritual health, and our mental and emotional well-being

Class link:

Tuesday 26th May 7.30-8.30pmVisualization & envisioning for the thriving & flourishing of our relationships, personal & professional 

Class link:

Wednesday 27th May – 7.30-8.3pmVisualization & envisioning for our life goals, life’s purpose and finding our ‘puzzle piece’, or the place where our work and life fits into the big picture!

Class link:

A picture speaks a thousand words” as the saying goes! These sessions focus on two main methods:

  • Visualization – The conscious use of images and imagery to invoke a better present moment and future experience
  • Envisioning – The seeking of spontaneous inner visions that connect us to sources of support in the imaginal world, and inspire us toward greater levels of motivation and energy

Each session consists of:

  • An opening section attuning to the new moon energy, and return to our ‘beginners mind’ a state of ‘new beginnings’
  • A visualization section where we connect to positive imagery related to different domains of our life
  • An envisioning section where we seek spontaneous images and inspiration related to our subjects
  • A consolidation section where we focus on building the power and energy of our images, allowing them to energise and affect our life to the greatest degree possible

Cost per session: Sing$30

OR set of 4 classes for $100 (Can be combined with any 4 of toby’s meditation classes)

Class Facilitator: The class teacher is Toby Ouvry

Click HERE to make payment class via PayPal, or you can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279

To pay for a set of 4 classes on PayPal, click HERE

To register or for further enquiries: Email, or sms 65-96750279



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