Mindfulness masterclass: Liberation & creativity through the observer self (Finding freedom in your roles)

Time & date: Saturday 14th November, 3-5pm

Location: This is a Live & Livestream class, live location: One Heart, 37 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423580 (Click HERE for map)

Livestream class on Zoom. Link to attend: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9941921865

In a sentence: Learn how you can use mindfulness to find liberation from and creative freedom within the roles, names and labels you identify with in your life

Almost all of our lives are spent playing out different roles, names and labels that we have become identified with over the course of time. These roles and labels define our sense of who we are and, to a large extent what we believe is possible for us

This mindfulness masterclass teaches you how to access the observer self, that part of us that is free from all the names, labels and roles that you play every day. The mindfulness techniques that you will learn in this session will enable you to change your life by:

  • Picking up and putting down our names and labels deliberately & consciously rather than unconsciously,
  • Play your roles with joy and creativity
  • Being more flexible in the roles we play.
  • Not getting stuck/ over-identified in roles that we may play a lot
  • Using the full range of roles that is available to us and play them deliberately.
  • Learning how to step out of all roles for a time

As well as the workshop itself you will get the recordings of the mindfulness practices that we do, as well as a workbook with articles relating to all the subjects and practices we cover.

Cost of the workshop: Sing$95

Payment: You can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or alternatively, you can use PayPal here.


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