Integral love & compassion meditation workshop

Date: Saturday 17th February, 9am-12pm

The workshop can be participated ONLINE, or you can attend live at One Heart.

Location: ONE Heart, 167, Geylang Road, S38924

Online participation link:

About the workshop:

In a sentence: An Integral Guide to Bringing Love and Compassion into Your Life Thorough Meditation 

Overview: So much of what we do in life is motivated by the pursuit of love, and the the happiness that we can gain by giving it to and receiving it from others. Yet often we find ourselves feeling starved of love, kindness and compassion, and struggling to find the inner resources and wellbeing to give and express it to others.

This workshop is about how we can build an abundance of love and compassion within, regardless of the obstacles, through a simple set of meditation practices that can be integrated into our life in a flexible format.

The SKILLS AND CAPACITIES that you can expect to gain from engaging in this workshop are:

  • An understanding of the energetic dynamics of love. Ensure that you are receiving enough love and compassion to consistently feel happy, balanced and able to give it to those around you, even when you are under pressure
  • Ways of thinking that enable you to channel, store, and increase the energy of love effectively within yourself
  • The ability to use your own challenges to strengthen your compassion and empathy, instead of weakening you
  • To progressively increase the scope and scale of your love over time
  • Learn how you can rest in a state of love in order to regenerate your energy and inner strength, even in some instances using it as a force for physical healing

The level of this class

Suitable for:

  • Beginners to meditation who are particularly interested in how meditation can help them increase the amount of love and compassion in their life, and all the wellbeing benefits that this provides
  • Those who have been practicing meditation for a while and wish to integrate specifically more meditation on love and compassion
  • Those who are interested in what an integral/holistic practical model for developing love and compassion looks like, and want to know how it can be practically integrated into their daily life

In addition to the workshop you will receive:

  • Recordings of the meditations that are done in the session for you to use in your daily practice
  • A set of workshop notes detailing the meditations and topics covered in the session

Cost: Sing$180

Class FacilitatorToby Ouvry

Click HERE to make payment class via PayPal, or you can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279

To register or for further enquiries: Email, or sms 65-96750279

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