Integral Life Practice Sessions

Dates & time: Saturday 9am-12noon, December 9th 2023 

Location: ONE Heart, 167, Geylang Road, S38924

About Integral Life Practice

Integral Life Practice (ILP) was a term originally coined by George Leonard & Michael Murphy of the Esalen Institute, & later by Integral Philosopher Ken Wilber. It is used to refer to a complete ‘Life-Practice’ that integrates:

  • Physical body fitness
  • Energy body/vitality work
  • Psychological therapies & strengths building
  • Philosophical & intellectual growth/perspective taking
  • Meditation & spiritual development

The idea is that to grow in an holistic, balanced manner, you need some proficiency in each of the above. If you leave any of these out, then your practice is incomplete. These ILP sessions with Toby are designed to put together physical & energy body work, followed by a session of focused inner growth on the psychological, philosophical & spiritual level. Participating on both sessions is designed to give you a full holistic workout for your body, mind, soul & spirit!

The agenda for this session Saturday November 11th: (Click links for each event detail)

9-10amQi Gong workout & meditation class – Qi-gong represents a series of invaluable breathing and movement exercises which can help our body and mind keep at peak energy levels in the face of today’s demanding and stressful modern lifestyle and schedules

Tea break!

10.30am-12noon:  Mindful Presence Masterclass & group coaching: Turning up larger than life – Working with your bright shadow – This session focuses on how to become someone who can do the things that you cannot do by working with your shadow self. The shadow self is the part of ourself that lies repressed within our unconscious. It is not just negative or ‘dark’ things that lie within our shadow self, it also contains untapped strengths and potentials. These unrecognized strengths & potentials are sometimes referred to as the ‘bright or golden shadow’.

Cost per session for both events: $105 per person (a saving of $25 relative to if you were to do either of the classes by individually.

You can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279, or click HERE to pay for an ILP session via PayPal.

Q: Can I participate in one of the sessions & not the other?

A: Yes, to do so click on the event links above for rates & payment details

To register or for further enquiries: Email, or call 65-96750279

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