High-Performance Mindfulness Bootcamp – Combining sustainable high-performance with personal wellbeing

Start dates: Weds September 30th/Saturday October 3rd


The course can be participated in live or online.

In a sentence: Learn how to create sustainable high performance in your work, and increase your personal wellbeing through mindfulness practice. Learn to:

  • Thrive rather than survive under pressure
  • Develop and sustain higher energy levels
  • Improve your learning mindset as you face the challenges of work and life

Is this course for me?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You head into work feeling stressed and sleep-deprived before your day has even begun.
  • Your need to make sharp, insightful decisions but you have trouble focusing.
  • You experience low energy and volatile emotions throughout the day.
  • You often sacrifice personal time for more time at work, and yet you never feel like you have enough time to complete your never-ending to-do list.
  • You don’t feel like the way you work is sustainable.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re constantly forced to choose between work and your well-being, it’s time to restore balance to your life. Learn that the relationship between the two is not a zero-sum game; there exists an alternative that will boost your productivity without you relinquishing peace of mind or personal time.

An integrated approach to performance:

In this course, you’ll come away with working knowledge of how you can apply integral mindfulness techniques that will effectively quiet your mind and decrease your stress levels. You will be taught five mindfulness practices to help you feel calmer and happier while boosting your productivity at work. These techniques only require a minimal commitment to practice each day, but can help you stay at the top of your game by improving your focus and clarity. When you learn how to use mindfulness to power peak performance at work, you can not only strive towards a more sustainable work-life balance and happier self, but also more consistently productive work days.


  • Executives who work in high-stress environments that require clarity and focus every day.
  • Executives who are currently stressed out and overworked, or who have symptoms of burnout.
  • Anyone looking to perform at their peak in the long-run.

“Toby taught me meditation techniques that helped me achieve an inner peace and calm I have never felt before. I regularly draw upon his words of counsel and mediation techniques not only during times of stress, but also as part of my daily routine to maintain physical and mental equilibrium.” – J.B

Course dates and structure:

Each week there are two chances to participate in each module. You can participate in person, online or via recording. Times are marked in Singapore time-zone.

Session 1 – Wednesday Sept 30th, 7.30-8.30pm OR Saturday 3rd October, 6-7pm – Finding simplicity in complexity: Learn how to be more effective in a complex world by accessing states of simplicity and calm, quickly!

Session 2 – Wednesday Oct 7th, 7.30-8.30pm OR Saturday 10th October, 6-7pm – Creating Flow – Be more effective at work and achieve more by doing less by learning to use mindful flow states

Session 3Wednesday Oct 14th, 7.30-8.30pm OR Saturday 17th October, 6-7pm – Feel good, perform better – Life and work challenges always seem more manageable when you are feeling good about your life. Learn how to create and direct the way you feel about your life more effectively

Session 4Wednesday Oct 21st, 7.30-8.30pm OR Saturday 24th October, 6-7pm – Managing and re-directing stress – Not all stress is bad. This session teaches you how to use mindfulness to reduce your stress and change it from performance-reducing to performance-enhancing stress

Session 5Wednesday Oct 28th, 7.30-8.30pm OR Saturday 31st October, 6-7pm – Mindful relationships – High performance isn’t just about working with our inner self, it’s about learning to be a team player. This session focuses on using mindfulness to develop successful, less stressful relationships

Session 6Wednesday Oct 28th, 7.30-8.30pm OR Saturday 31st October, 6-7pm – Putting it all together – Each of the five practices works even better when combined with the other ones. This session focuses on how to integrate your five, high-performance mindfulness skills together to produce a super-practice!

The live venue: ONE Heart, 37 Tembeling RoadSingapore 423580 (Click HERE for map)

As well as the sessions, you will receive:

  • A Full recording of the session
  • 5&8 minute ‘power meditation’ recordings of the key mindfulness practices
  • PDF articles and related reading for each module
  • Access to as much (or as little) 1:1 coaching with toby at a much-reduced rate


About the facilitator: Toby Ouvry is the founder and Head Coach at IMA (Integral Meditation Asia), and facilitates the year-round mindfulness program at INSEAD, Singapore campus for the MBA’s faculty and staff.

His passion is empowering people and organizations to greater levels of wellbeing and creativity through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

He is a former Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach, with over 25 years’ experience. See full bio.



Watch Toby talking about the 5 aspects of High-Performance Mindfulness in a nutshell:

The cost of the course:

  • Option 1: Just the course – SGD$750
  • Option 2: The course plus 1x 50min 1:1 coaching session with Toby SGD$900
  • Option 3: The course plus 2x 50min 1:1 coaching session with Toby SGD$1000
  • Option 4: The course plus 3x 50min 1:1 coaching session with Toby SGD$1090


Payment can be made by PayNow, PayPal or Bank transfer.

To register or for further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvry.com, or Whatsapp: 65-96750279


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